Abdullah Al Jubayer Mollah

Abdullah Al Jubayer Mollah

  • Abdullah Al Jubayer Jubayer
  • Abdullah Al Jubayer Mollah
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Artist Biography

MD. Abdullah Al Jubayer Mollah ( Born on January 12 ) in Cumilla,Bangladesh. Who Is Known As Abdullah Al Jubayer Mollah He is
a Bangladeshi Musician Artist Who has Made a Big Name in The Musical Artist World.

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Artist Statement

MD. Abdullah Al Jubayer Mollah ( born on January 12 ) who is known as Abdullah Al Jubayer Mollah on social media is a Bangladeshi YouTuber, Musical artist, and entertainer. But his journey was not so easy.

He has to pass many critical situations to reach this position. Abdullah Al Jubayer Mollah started his youtube channel in 2017. He then tried to make videos but for less experience, he was not successful. So he forgot about YouTubing. On September 12, 2019, he thought about creating a Facebook page named ( Abdullah Al Jubayer Mollah ). And created one. Made some videos on the page but he was not getting views. He stopped then. After few months when the coronavirus pandemic started and the lockdown started. Then he thought about creating videos about social awareness and again started making videos. Suddenly one of his videos got viral and he became famous all over Bangladesh. People started to know him.

Then in 2021, he started creating music. From his childhood, he had a thirst for music. So he started releasing music on international platforms like Spotify, amazon music, apple music, SoundCloud, Deezer, etc. His first soundtrack was "Nesha". He already released lots of music. Day by day he is becoming famous for his videos and music. Some of his music is - Baaton Ko Teri and Sanam re, etc.

Though his journey was not so easy now he is successful for his hard work and passion. His suggestion for newcomers is not to lose hope. Just work hard and be passionate you will be successful.

Cumilla, Chauddagram-3550

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