If ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’, do blondes prefer diamonds?
The inspiration for my drama BON ACCORD AMY/BLY? came about when I discovered a tablet on Boston Common showing the beginning of soccer in the US dedicated to the first soccer club - Oneida FC. then read an article about the custodian of this monument. Before coming across this historical element I had read a newspaper bulletin concerning a lost wallet being returned after twenty years and was able to incorporate my soccer pastime with these elements to form a story. For my soccer pastime, I wear a T-shirt (following whoever wins, adding fixtures & results) as an 'ice-breaker', when arriving at each new soccer ground this enables me to converse with supporters at their soccer club and with the public on my journey. With further quirky facts, I now had the ingredients to develop a drama.
Quarter Finalist
Boston Screenplay Awards
Boston Massachussetts
Birth Date
February 18, 1954
Birth City
Birmingham, England
Current City
Otley, England
The only one who knows these words are but a token, is he who has a tale to tell but must remain unspoken.
If ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’, do blondes prefer diamonds?
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