Price $50.00
45 Tickets Available

Hell Jodhpur International Film Festival lovers. 4th JOIFF Authorize "JOIFF DIAMOND PASS" this pass type provide front row with VIP treatment. "JOIFF DIAMOND"Pass Holder attend as like must valuable Attendies with Festival heart lover with join with Festival family. DIAMOND P ASS Holder get lunch with glass of Soft Drink and three time coffee and tea. On location Festival Arrange "JOIFF DIAMOND PASS TOKEN" .Get Token and Swip your lunch cup of Tea/Coffe. This Category pass holder Meet with VIP Guests and Festival hot Personalty with photoshoots.


Price $40.00
99 Tickets Available

In this Category you will seat second row means B level. In this Category you get Snacks/Biscutes with three time Coffee. Attend all three day Screening.


Price $30.00
150 Tickets Available

In this Category you will get three day film Screening with three time coffee or tea. Water is free all time.


Price $10.00
300 Tickets Available

In JOIFF BRONZE PASS you watch only films on Screen without any treatment.

All Festival attendees pick your pass together and out side any types of refreshment not allowed in Festival.Bags are checked outside by Festival Security Staff. JOIFF SECURITY is Authorized by JOIFF MANAGEMENT. Any inlegal activities not allowed inside JOIFF FESTIVAL CAMPUS.If any Attendees create problem then handover local police station without any prior notice. Please Coprate Festival with peace and humbleness. Ticket refund and cancellation policy.If you get any types of "JOIFF PASS one time then not refund and cancellation any condition.

Quest : Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Ans. 18 years

Ques : What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Ans. Festival on main road so public transport is available. Joiff not any types of arrangement.If Festival attendees come from outside with other location then pickup facility on Airport and Railway Station.

Quest : What can I bring into the event?
Ans. Your Pass.

Quest : What's the refund policy?
Ans. Refund policy not Allowed.If you get any types of pass then your fund will not refund.