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Daughter of Destiny

This is a story of an orphan who overcame and triumphed over adversity in her life. She had many premonitions, dreams, and visions that came to pass.

She is a great, extraordinary, gifted, unique visionary, and prophetess who has the ability to sense and discern what lies beyond her imagination. She can also interpret premonitions, dreams, and visions and watch them come to fruition.

You will learn that you are here on purpose; you are not an accident. God has a plan and a purpose for your life. Wherever you are, God knows your whereabouts, look up and reach up!

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Writer Biography

Jennifer Denise Thomas was born on June 29, 19966, in Los Angeles, California. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at the tender age of thirteen. Jennifer is a visionary. She has the gift of revelation and the spirit of discernment. She recalls having dreams and night visitations at the tender age of four and then growing into adulthood and watching those dreams and visions come to full fruition. Jennifer has found grace, mercy, truth, peace, understanding, and love within the body of Christ. As a foster youth, she faced adversity: emotional and financial hardship, abuse, neglect, and rejection. Nevertheless, she was able to overcome each obstacle. She rose from the ashes of defeat and a place of darkness and despair by grounding herself in the faith. Jennifer has served in the workforce and in the community for nearly thirty-seven years as a customer service associate, motor coach operator, a semitrailer truck operator, and she went on to become a taxicab driver. She truly has a giving heart and a charitable spirit, for she gives her time, energy, and guidance to various women’s shelters, plus she has countless hours working behind the scenes doing ministry, lifting the name of Jesus Christ, drawing all man closer to the presence. She also worked and served behind the scenes on political campaigns; and she provided shelter, food, and clothing to those who are in need for over thirty-seven years. She is a mother of three biological children; however, she has provided love and care for many. Jennifer currently ministers to those in the convalescent homes. She is also participating in a project with the Union Rescue Mission on skid row that addresses homelessness. Jennifer has a passion for helping others find their destiny in life. It is her life’s mission to teach others that God has a plan and a purpose for their life. Finally, Jennifer’s current endeavors include fashion design, writing books, mentoring young men and women. Not only is she providing assistance and/or care to the elderly, but Jennifer has also worn many hats. Finally, she has undertaken course study in the Hebrew Institute of Theological Studies. Her instructor was one of our world leaders, Dr. Michelle Corral. She goes to rallies for peace and justice, anti-violence, and fair worker wages. She stood with many more great world leaders such as Reverend Al Sharpton and Pastor K.W. Tuloss. Jennifer is truly a modern-day Samaritan humanitarian/philanthropist.

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