The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival TINFF and are excited to host a short film festival contest that’s open to all short film makers. The winners will receive a cash prize ($500 for the first cash prize), be screened at the TINFFestival this coming September 2020 in Toronto, Canada and receive an award during the closing gala.

The Theme of the short film festival Contest is Relationships!

TINFF and are looking for the best short films highlighting and exploring ‘relationships’.

the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

The contest will close on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, the day and month that celebrates relationships the most and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Who are these Guys?

The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) is a year round award competition and live screening festival. TINFF’s is recognized to be a leading film festival in Toronto that celebrates diversity and filmmaker excellence. TINFF’s mission is to recognize and encourage filmmakers by appreciating, promoting, challenging and developing an understanding of equality, social justice, non-discrimination, diversity, and multiculturalism.

TINFF will host a festival event and award night where these winners will be announced, awarded and recognized. The address of the gala is: York Cinema, 115 York Blvd, Richmond Hill On L4B 3B4. is the ‘go to’ site for award winning short film, video and web series. Designed to support and promote short film and their creators, has become the premiere platform for amazing short film, video and web series. introduces artists and short film to new audiences, fellow colleagues and the industry, by providing an online hosting platform exclusively for short films with a worldwide audience of film lovers and supporters.

Film Festival Contest Topic: Relationships

Relationships are one of the most fundamentally important things to human beings. Think about it. From the relationship you have with your smartphone that wakes you up every morning to the relationship with your roommate that drives you crazy but also helps you pay the rent in that loft apartment you really can’t afford.

Relationships are all around and can take on many forms. Some relationships are good and symbiotic and are continually nurtured while others are painful and a burden. There is no denying the impact relationships can have not only a single person but also on a group of people or community.

What about failed relationships? Failed relationships happen for many reasons, and the failure of a relationship is often a source of great anguish. But why? Why do we latch onto other people or inanimate objects. Do relationships make us whole or do they actually expose our vulnerability?

We put a significant amount of time, emotion, and energy into identifying and fostering relationships with stuff, with others, with thoughts without really thinking through the finality and expected outcome of the relationship and how that will affect us and our lives.

We invite you to submit short films that provide a deeper dive into that which we crave most, relationships.

Film Festival Contest Guidelines

How to Win! The winners will be the short films that get the most votes. There will be three categories:

There are three winning categories:

Best Canadian Short film
Best Nollywood Short Film
Best International Short Film

All submissions must be submitted between Sunday, December 15th through Friday, January 31st. Please ONLY submit short films that have already wrapped production and you have a finished product.

Fun Fact: All short film submissions will be included in the contest and will be eligible for an award as long as contest guidelines are met.

Contest Information:
Winners will be competing for acclaim and a financial prize, $500 for the first prize (other two cash prizes will be announced closer to the launch date)
The submission fee is $30.
Submit through the FilmFreeway portal
Each winner will receive a cash prize
Each winning short film will be screened at TINFF in September 2020
Each winner will receive a physical award

Contest Guidelines:
Films must not exceed 30 minutes
Only the following formats will be accepted: .mov, H.264, mp4;
Broadcast standards apply (no nudity, strong language or material without clearances)

How do you vote?:
Go to the Contest page on
Register to vote
Select the film or films
watch the movie until the vote button appears (5 minutes after the first full viewing of the short)
click to vote.
You can only vote once per day per film but you can vote every day for 14 days.
You can watch every film in the contest every day and you can vote for each film in the contest once per day.
You can watch the film multiple times in a day but you can only vote once per day.
The contest is sponsored jointly by TINFF and
TINFF will announce the winners of the contest.
While this is an honor system, irregular voting will result in disqualification and an exit from consideration.
TINFF and itsashort reserve the right to suspend any film where the voting practices appear irregular. The film will be suspended from the contest.

Why Participate?

You know that opportunity you’ve been waiting for? Here’s your chance to be recognized by members of the global film industry. Your short film has the potential of being shown side by side with the official selections of the Toronto International Nigerian Film Festival (TINFF).

Take this opportunity and give yourself permission to showcase your skills and talent. Best of luck!

Best Canadian Short Film

Best Nollywood Short Film

Best International Short Film