ISFFI Founding Director, being himself a filmmaker and also representing India's oldest film association i.e. (IMPPA) Indian Motion Picture Producers Association since 2010, has taken this initiative along with group of passionate individuals from film industry.

It is an very sincere & passionate attempt to add our expertise of filmmaking to provide another unique platform for younger-generation filmmakers.
ISFFI is being celebrated in Mumbai, the film capital of India, Bollywood, also the financial capital of India, the home of topmost Industrialists, of top Film actors, producers, Investors and distributers. The filmmakers will have chance to interact with these film fraternity during festival event.

Best Foreign Film, Best Indian Film, Continent wise Best Films, Best Director, Best Editor, Best Screenplay, Best Choreographer Best Male / Female Actor, Best Background Music, Best Web Series, Best Documentary & relevant Awards in these categories etc. Awards & Prizes will be updated regularly to accommodate in future.
A. International Competition:
1. International Gold for Best Short Film.
2. International Gold for Best Director.
3. International Gold for Best Documentary.
4. International Gold for Best Web series.
5. International Gold for Best Animation film.
6. International Gold for Best Screenplay.

B. Indian Competition :
1. India Gold for Best short Film.
2. India Gold for Best Documentary.
3. India Gold for Best Web series.
4. India Gold for Best Animation film.
5. India Gold for Best Short film Director.
6. India Gold for Best short film Screenplay.
7. India Gold for Best short Film Editing.
8. India Gold for Best short Film Cinematographer.
9. Special jury Award for Best World Short Film.

1. All films shall be with English Subtitles
2. Registration forms with details shall be submitted online.
3. All submitted film shall be watched by " Selection Committe"
4. Selection Committee decisions shall be final.
5. All films shall reach within the given dates at given address or through
6. All films submitted shall be eligible for International Competition.
7. All Indian films submitted shall be eligible for Indian Competition.
8. ISFFI may add some awards in the list as per submissions.
9. Web series duration shall not be more than 50 minutes.

Overall Rating
  • Ayan Acharyya

    Thank you so much for choosing my film for this festival. I am honoured. Highly recomended.

    Thanks a lot for choosing my film for this great festical projection.

    February 2022
  • Very greatful for the opportunity to participate in ISFFI . Wonderful film festival. I recommend everything to film makers.

    January 2022
  • It was a great experience. Everyone was very professional and our film got a lot of exposure. Thank you so much.

    September 2020
  • 도회 박

    best festival in the world!!

    September 2020
  • Great festival! Can't wait to enter next year.

    July 2019