Festival Objectives:
• Promoting the level of community insight and awareness of the spiritual values of sacrifice culture, social empathy, and martyrdom.
• Assisting in the production of content and its development in the form of supporting cultural products, especially film and film production and achieving high-end visual works in this field.
• Creating suitable platforms through exchange of valuable experiences and interactions between cinematographers, experts, and audiences in order to expand the culture.
• Identifying talents and appreciating the best creators of artworks related to the themes of the festival.
• In traducing prominent and influential personalities in the field of activities related to the culture of resistance in the world.
• Encouraging active, natural and legal institutions, with the aim of expanding cultural-artistic activities.

Festival Topics:
• Social sacrifice of the role of people in helping each other
• Sacrifice and resistance
• Sacrifice, security and social tranquility
• Sacrifice and soft war in cyberspace
• Social sacrifice, the role of veterans in the culturalization of society
• Sacrifice, resistance, firmness with a view to myths, concepts of well-known individuals at national and international levels in the face of resistance
• Islamic lifestyle (devotion, faithfulness, empathy)
• Efforts of people, organizations and institutions in introducing the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom

• Feature film (under 74 mins.)
• Documentary (under 60 mins.)
• Shorts: Short films, and animations (under 30 mins.)

• Honorary diploma and festival trophy, and cash prize along with supporting the production of the next work to five films as the best films of the international competition. To the producer of the work
• Jury's special award including: Honorary diploma, Festival trophy, and cash prize for two international competition films selected by the jury of this section.

• The films must have been completed after January 2019.
• Submission is free of charge.
• Entrants can submit as many films as they wish.
• Feature films (fiction) must be maximum of 74 minutes running time, intended for theatrical release.
• Feature films (documentary) under 60 minutes of running time.
• Short films (fiction, documentary, animation) must be at most 30 minutes running time.
• The producer or international distributor of the film must complete the submission form.
• The submitter must send the high-quality full version of the films to the festival office via a download link.
• All non-English films must include English subtitles.
• Each entry must submit the following for publication on the festival website and the festival booklet: synopsis, film poster, official pictures of the film, behind-the-scenes photos, trailer, director's biography, and director's photo.
• According to the festival regulations, filmmakers or responsible parties of selected films would be invited to attend the festival.
• All submitters are welcome to attend the festival and participate in the workshops and seminars free of charge.
• The festival office is allowed to exploit up to 5 minutes of submitted films on its websites or national TV channels for festival promotion.
• All submitted films will be kept in the festival archive for educational and research purposes.
• The festival will select no more than one-third of international section films from Iranian films.
• Once a film is submitted, there would be no withdrawal.
• The festival office is not responsible for any damage caused to the DCP/films due to mailing/shipping services.
• Further information on the professional panels, workshops, international members of the jury, and special guests will be announced on the festival website.
• In case of questions, disputes, misunderstandings, or any unforeseen issues, the decisions of the festival director would prevail.

Overall Rating
  • مهرجان ممتاز جدا بالتوفيق ان شاء الله

    June 2023
  • Abdur Baba

    Great Experince to participate in festival

    May 2023