IPAFS (Seoul International Public Service Advertising Festival) is annual Public Advertising festival composed of video and poster, slogan of "Earth Is One, We Are The One" and contributes to the key words of Peace, environment, human rights, happiness.

The objective behind the festival is to recognize voluntarily participate in various social issues and issues that the community needs to address and to promote the value of the public good of the community around the world.

The festival points environment, Climate, ecology, terrorism, gender discrimination, race, ethnic issues, etc. without deliberation and censorship as a global festival for peace and human prosperity.

The festival submit sections are composed of following:
By generation – children, teenagers, adults, and seniors
By Media – Poster and Video
BY Topics – Peace, Environment, Human Rights, Happiness

* Generation cateory
Children (under age 13)
Youths& Adults (Age 13 ~ 30 years)
Middle-aged (Age 30 ~ 60 years)
Senior (over 60)

* Topic: Peace | Environment | Human rights | Happiness

* Application field: POSTER and VIDEO

Grand Award:
-20,000,000 KRW cash award and certification
-1 Winner from all GENERATION & TOPICS

Best Award:
-5,000,000 KRW cash award and certification
-1 Winner per each GENERATION cateory

Excellence Award :
-1,000,000 KRW cash award and certification
-4 Winners per each TOPIC cateory

Participation Award:
-100,000 KRW value Gift Card award and certification
-4 Winners per each topic & application field

[Video section]
∙ Form: Public advertisement video: TV advertisement, short film, animation, etc.
∙ Format: avi, wmv, mp4, mov
∙ Length: Within 3 minutes
∙ Resolution: 1920*1080, 1280*720
∙ Capacity: within 250MB

[Printing section]
∙ Form: Public advertisement poster: Posters, photos, pictures, etc.
∙ Type: jpg, jpeg (A2), self-painted figure (section 4)
∙ Size: A2
∙ Resolution: 250 dpi or higher

*Uses copyrighted sources must be approved by each right holder when submiting images, fonts, designs, music, etc.
*Original file and project file must be provided for award winners.
*All submissions will be posted in International Public Ad Festival of Seoul website at http://ipafseoul.org/ for 1 year from the date of 2019 festival closing