International Documentary Film Festival «Interdoc» will be in Moscow and other cities of Russia and the World.

The festival will feature various themes and genres of documentary films.

Most of the proceeds from the festival will go to the development and popularization of documentary films.

Part of the funds will be directed to charitable foundations and part of the funds will cover organizational expenses.

The winners of the festival will receive laurels, screenings in cinemas and online platforms, marketing support, and other awards are possible with sponsorship.

For the films you like, we will offer you a distribution contract on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Documentary films are accepted (any themes and genres) of any timekeeping. There are no restrictions on the number of minutes, the main thing is an interesting story!

We accept films produced any year.

We accept films already released in internet, we understand filmmakers need to promote their work.

Submission fee won't be refunded if you decide to withdraw your film from the festival whether your film is selected or not.

You can only send an application for entry through the platform

All rights (including music, scripts and other) must be reserved. The creators of the film are fully responsible for the observance of rights.

By sending an application you give consent to allow us to process your data and show your work for non-commercial purposes as part of the festival in cinemas and online platforms.

Overall Rating
  • Oberom Silva

    Thank you very much! It was a joy to participate in such a cool festival and to see our documentary Muco be selected!
    Congratulations on the work you.

    March 2022
  • A frivolous festival! My film was selected, but that doesn't mean anything. Another fundraising film festival.

    May 2021
    Response from festival:

    Your film was selected but not a winner. Only the winning films were shown on the screens. They also received notices and laurels.

  • Cristian Bidone

    great work ! and great selection of films !

    March 2021
  • Mark Rose

    Wonderful opportunity to reach Russia, great communications and encouragement! Thank you for listing Alaska Long Hunters and expect us back with Alaska Rescue Story is released next year and

    March 2021
  • Kamran Mohammadi

    thank you for your briliant festival

    March 2021