The Innovative Film Festival in West Hollywood, CA, is all about showing exciting feature films, short films, animations and documentaries films that are full of passion, politics, and creativity for today's media.

The festival will be held in West Hollywood and is organized by Innovative Theaters, bringing together talented filmmakers from all over the world. With over 50 independent films on display, including cutting-edge high-definition movies and superior sound systems, this event is sure to impress. Directed by the talented Martin Deluca, the Innovative Film Festival will attract top international talent and emerging filmmakers, making it an extraordinary celebration of the art of cinema. Don't miss this opportunity to witness some of the industry's biggest names and the most remarkable movies from around the world!

There will be a cash price of $1000 for winning feature films and $750 for winning short films in all categories. There will also be specific sponsors award for specific genres as well as certificates awarded to runner-ups.

Feature films must have a minimum runtime of 60 minutes, and short films must not exceed 30 minutes in duration.

All foreign films must be subtitled in English to ensure accessibility for the audience.

Submissions must be the original work of the filmmakers, and they must hold all necessary rights to screen the film during the festival.

Content submitted should adhere to local laws and regulations, and must not contain any offensive or harmful material that could incite discrimination, violence, or harm to any individual or group.

Filmmakers submitting their work should provide accurate and complete information about their film, including credits, synopsis, and relevant technical details. Late submissions may not be accepted, so adherence to the submission deadlines is essential.