“Engaging community and coming together through a love for dance and expression”

The first ever festival of its kind on the Central Coast of California, “inHabit” is intended to bring artists and the community together to celebrate our unique perspectives, histories, and artistic expressions. It is our hope that in building bridges within our community, we will strengthen the fibers of our human connections while embracing the beauty of differences through this shared vision.

“inHabit” will make its exciting launch in May 2018 featuring stand-alone dance for camera works from both national and international artists.

In order to breathe life into this special vision, we want to hear your voice!

"inHabit" is a unique opportunity for choreographic storytelling and creative expression through film, we are seeking exciting new dance film works for this ground-breaking event.

Novice and established film-makers are encouraged to submit narrative, abstract, animated, and/or short films that push boundaries and experiment with cutting edge media while expressing themselves in uniquely authentic ways.

There will be no discrimination and/or privilege given to beginning versus advanced filmmakers during the evaluation process—everyone has something important contribute, none is worth more or less than another, and we are excited to foster a festival which brings together all walks of life and filmmaking experience.

Please forward all inquiries to

Awards & Prizes

Featured film selections will be debuted during multiple showings of this thrilling festival at the historic Fair Oaks Movie Theatre in Arroyo Grande, CA on May 19th and 20th, 2018.

Rules & Terms

Submission period opens: November 15, 2017 at 12pm
Submission period closes: EARLY BIRD DEADLINE January 15, 2018, FINAL DEADLINE: January 25, 2018 at 5pm

*Minimum length: 3 minutes
*Maximum length: 10 minutes
*Complete and works in progress will be considered during the application review process, but a video sample must be proposed. Featured films will are required to submit finalized projects by March 30, 2018 at 5pm.
*Non-continuous, manipulated, or heavily edited live performance footage will not be considered
*Application fees vary depending on submission date (please see fee structure for more details)
*Completed entries will be reviewed only after the Application Fee has been processed

When choosing works for exhibition, we are most interested in:

*Thoughtful forms and themes
*Investigative and experimental approaches to cinema
*Choreographic creativity
*Virtuosic performance
*Production value
*Audience Appeal
*Program fit
No criteria is a must; none is more important than the others; excellence in any singular or multiple areas may be sufficient.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not interested in simple recordings of dance on a proscenium stage—cinematic elements must be an integral part of the entry.