The "I Imagine Film Festival" (IIFF) was founded by Adam Radly (founder of "World Reconciliation Day" with Nelson Mandela and "Maximum Positive Impact" - the world's first open source philosophy). The festival exists to encourage filmmakers that want to make films that have a positive impact.

Every filmmaker that submits their film to the “I Imagine” film festival gets these FREE benefits:
• Promotion of their film to our 770,000 social followers
• Free 12 month listing on the HollywoodFlow film sales and distribution platform
• Free professional website for their film project
• Tools to help filmmakers build a social media following for their film, promote their film, generate revenue from their film

The "I Imagine" Film Festival takes place in New York City and is focused on helping ALL independent filmmakers (not just those that get selected or win awards) to succeed and maximize their impact. These are not just words - take a close look at what we offer to ALL filmmakers and, if you don't know what "I Imagine" is, you should checkout the website (link below) - it's much more than just a film festival.

Check out the video here for more info: This is the site you get totally free: Just replace our demo content with yours.

You will receive the film marketing package within one business day of submitting your film. Your film does not have to be complete in order to receive the film marketing package however, your film will need to be complete by the festival deadline if you want it to eligible for screening at the festival. Check out the other FAQ's on the website.

The offer outlined above is not just for finalists – it’s for all filmmakers that submit their film to the festival. The cost of submission is $95 (varies based on entry deadlines). There are no other costs. There are no strings attached.

Check out the video here for more info: This is the site you get totally free: Just replace our demo content with yours.

We are determined to make sure that we are the best film festival for independent filmmakers. That means providing massive value and support for ALL filmmakers that submit a film - not just those that get selected or win awards.

If your film / project is exceptional and can potentially have a significant positive impact we will work with you to promote you and your film - all at no cost to you (selection for this partnership is totally at our discretion).

• Promotional films are not eligible (eg. tourism, charitable appeals, etc.).
• All submitted films should be have been completed after December 2014.

Your fee is non-refundable - if your film does not match the criteria listed above and you still submit your film, we will not consider your film and will not refund your fee.
The final selection of all films presented at the Festival and their placement in the program is the responsibility of the Festival Director.

Submission to the I Imagine Film Festival constitutes agreement to all rules, regulations, and conditions contained in this document and your consent that your film be considered for any awards that may be given at the Festival. Submission also certifies that all film and music rights and clearances have been obtained (in accordance with U.S. copyright laws). By submitting, you agree not to withdraw your film from the I Imagine Film Festival after it has been accepted by the I Imagine selection board.

Overall Rating
  • Lawrie Zidyana

    I didn't personally attend by had friends representing me. The loved the festival and the what it stand for. Was chaffed to have my filmed scene alongside subjects like Syrian refugees, climate change, women's rights. Very good festival.

    October 2016