IGGY Magazine Film Festival is a platform for low budget and DIY indie short films and documentaries. Since 2012, we have contributed with our magazine to the discovery and highlighting of independent artists in broad themes ranging from music, painting, cinema and photography. With our online Film Festival, our mission is to provide a supportive home for emerging indie filmmakers working with limited resources and without major industry connection.

Giving you visibility to professionals in France and in French-speaking countries more broadly is our ambition. By submitting your short film or documentary to us, we agree to:

- Share a written article on our online magazine ( The selected & some non selected )

- Make a written interview about your short film or your documentary (The selected Only)

- Promote on french medias (The Winners only)
( we are gonna translate your press kit and the summary of your film or documentary. Soon as we have all the materials including the photos and artworks, we are gonna send your creations to our partners : Arte.tv, Clique TV, Culture Box, Extracourt…*If your work matches what they need, we will redirect them directly to you).

- Publish your documentary or short film on our Youtube and Vimeo account and promote it to bring the maximum of viewers. This is not requires, at your choice ( The selected & some non selected )

- Submit your documentary and short films to our partners in distribution and broadcasting. *If your work matches what they need, we will redirect them directly to you). (The Winners only)

IGGY Magazine is a French online and paper magazine which since 2012 has been dedicated to the discovery of artists. (www.iggymagazine.com)

- You can submit your film or documentary if it’s already available

- We are open to the discovery, the creativity, we are open to all type of genres
It’s $20 submission fee for shorts (under 30 minutes) and $40 for features ( over 30 minutes)

- You will always get feedbacks to your submissions whether your work is selected or not

- We accept the films from any part of the world and from any language
If your film is chosen for IGGY Magazine Film Festival, you have the control over the availability and you keep 100% of the rights.

- When your film is published on our Youtube or Vimeo channels, they are not monetized

- We embed your film from your personal Vimeo link to publish an article about it. We can also upload to our Youtube and Vimeo channel if your prefer.

- We upload the films to our channels in the week following the release if we are authorized by the rights holders

- You can submit all type of format, even the webseries. If we accept, each episode has to be submit separately because we have to watch each and write about it specifically

- Each article written on a selected film is shared on the magazine's social networks. Some, according to our convenience, can dress up our website and our social networks.

- We are not a management or a distribution company, we curate self-released films. Our festival aims to give visibility of your work to the professionals with whom we work and to our audience.

- The festival winners are announced the second week of October
Our commitments with the winners end on the last friday day of the next February