It is an International event to showcase and recognise authentic, artistic, effective and informative short films on culture.

Subject of film may be Culture & Tourism of any tribe, group, country. However, you are at liberty to define culture and tourism, let your film convince the Selection Committee and your film is in.

IFFC INTERNATIONAL AWARD: Open to all filmmakers
IFFC NATIONAL AWARD: Open to all filmmakers from India only
IFFC BEST FILM ON TOURISM: Open to all film-makers
IFFC BEST FILM ON CULTURE: Open to all film-makers
IFFC BEST FILM FROM RAJASTHAN: Open to film-makers from Rajasthan
IFFC BEST FILM ON ANIMATION: Open to all film-makers
IFFC JURY AWARD: Open to all filmmakers

• The IFFC is a festival of short films based on culture and tourism. It will be held in March 2018, in Jaipur (India).
• Entry for film is free. One participant can send as many entries he/she likes. Entry form (you may copy or zerox entry form) must accompany synopsis/description, Filmography of the Producer & Director, posters (if any), still photos, press kit and Two copies of the Data DVD (HD Format) 1080 Resolution and sound in Stereo or Mono (preferably stereo)for consideration by the Selection Committee and finally, if selected, for screening in the festival.
• All films must be submitted by 31 Jan 2018 by post.
• All entries must be sent to the IFFC prepaid and, for your own protection, should be insured.
• DVDs submitted will not be returned, except under extreme circumstances. An additional $10 fee is needed for the return of the submission after the festival.
• Films selected for the IFFC will be announced no later than 15 February 2018.
• Please notify us by mail or email of any address changes.
• The Festival committee has the right to accept or refuse any film without assigning any reason whatsoever.
• The IFFC reserves the right to use excerpts and pictures from the film for promotion and public relation purposes.
• The film can be in any language, but it should be subtitled in English or Hindi. If the language of the film is English or Hindi, subtitle is not required.
• Running time of the film should not exceed 20 minutes but in special case 30 minute can be considered.
• The film can be documentary, narrative, fiction or animation. The format of original film must be 35mm, 16mm or HD.

Overall Rating
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    Bidit Roy

    It was an above average experience. Communication, Hospitality could be improved. I would advice the organizers to keep the festival over weekend to attract more audience.
    However met few Indian and international filmmakers, which was cool. Thank you for selecting my film.
    Best wishes to the team for future festivals.

    May 2017
  • false
    shubham basak

    I got no mail from IFFC.

    April 2017
  • Thank you for selecting our film.

    April 2017
  • false
    ghid ghid

    I was happy when I heard that my movie was selected. But I don't know how my movie was screened. There was no additional information from them. I really want to know how feel people watched my movie.
    Is there anyone to tell me where I can find more information about this kind of thing?

    April 2017
  • false
    Shyam Kamble

    nice experience
    thank you IFFC

    April 2017