a special call for short films and other multimedia forms (photography and posters) that showcase an imagination of Africa’s possible, probable, and plausible futures. IF/AF is engaged in promoting diversity of cultural expressions in Africa’s creative economy. We want to see the next generation of storytellers who will shape the bright future of the continent and make their artistic work visible, accessible and recognized.

#whatifafrica is an initiative of the Institute for African Futures (IF/AF), an independent dream+think tank that will serve as a platform to chart Africa’s future course and create a compelling vision of the continent.

The winners will receive cash awards as well as award trophies. It will be given in the following categories:

Grand Jury IF/AFRICA SciFi Shorts Prize
Grand Jury IF/AFRICA SciFi Photography Prize
Grand Jury IF/AFRICA SciFi Poster Prize

Submissions open September 28, 2020, 12:01AM (EST) and closes December 31, 2020, 11:59 PM (EST). All submissions must be made through FilmFreeway.com.

Please review all festival rules before submitting:

ENTRIES: Limit submissions to no more than five (5) shorts, photos, or posters per person and/or collaborative team.

LENGTH: The total run-time should be a minimum of 1 minute and NOT to exceed 5 minutes in length, including credits.

QUALITY: Films must be shot/captured, edited and submitted in HD quality with suitable audio. Photos or posters should be in high resolution formats.

ORIGINALITY: Only original video, music, images, photos and/or graphics may be submitted. Copyright infringement (even if accidental) will result in disqualification.

SUBTITLES: Films with audio recorded in a language other than English are asked to provide English subtitles for the convenience of Jury members. International entries are highly encouraged!

Artist/Guardian/Representative Release:

I acknowledge and agree that to the best of my knowledge, I am duly authorized to submit this film to IF/AFRICA and to grant permissions related to its use and distribution.

I grant permission to IF/AFRICA to use film clips/stills/photos/posters for promotional use. I allow IF/AFRICA and any third parties at IF/AFRICA the right to film, videotape and photograph my appearance and voice for any and all marketing and promotion of the festival.

I understand I will be added to the IF/AFRICA email newsletter lists and receive email updates from IF/AFRICA. If this film is accepted into IF/AFRICA, I grant IF/AFRICA the non-exclusive right to right to show, distribute and market my film in its entirety as IF/AFRICA sees fit, including but not limited to packaging and inclusion in sponsorship deals and other business-related activities related to IF/AFRICA. This also includes but is not limited to presenting films as part of the IF/AFRICA online festival component, Best of IF/AFRICA at other film festivals and other screenings, showcases or distribution with 3rd party partners. Exceptions and requests to opt out will be granted only by written request and must be made prior to acceptance into festival or when film obtains other distribution that would prohibit any aspect of this.

IF/AFRICA may actively pursue other distribution opportunities for the film. I acknowledge that I may be asked to complete and sign additional distribution agreements. It is always my choice to accept or reject these offers. IF/AFRICA does not take any copyright or ownership of my film.

Submitting a film to IF/AFRICA constitutes an agreement by and between the filmmaker/representative, and/or applicable Parent/Guardian of a minor aged Filmmaker, and IF/AFRICA. By submitting, I agree to all of these rules, terms and conditions. I acknowledge that no submission fee refunds are given once this application has been submitted. I also acknowledge that I will not receive any compensation for the use of my film by IF/AFRICA in accordance with the rules, terms and conditions.

I understand and acknowledge that, if I am under 18 years of age, my parent or guardian must agree to the terms of this Artist/Guardian/Representative Release on my behalf. As a Parent or Guardian of a minor filmmaker if applicable, I understand and acknowledge that I am agreeing to the terms of this Artist/Guardian/Representative Release on behalf of my child or a child for whom I am a legally designated Guardian.

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: Organizers of IF/AFRICA shall use best efforts to ensure correct title and credits are listed on festival materials but shall not be held liable for inadvertent errors and omissions. IF/AFRICA reserves the right to adjust dates and times of film screenings/festival and shall not be responsible for delays or cancellations due to equipment failure, inclement weather, the condition of the prints delivered, or for any reason outside the control of IF/AFRICA.

IF/AFRICA reserves the right to decide all questions not specifically provided for herein.