IE International Student Film Festival is a chance for filmmakers across the globe to participate in a new approach to filmmaking. It's a chance for students to find their voice, to tell their stories, to show them to an international and diverse audience and to showcase their talents to businesses across the world looking for innovative and creative content makers.

The festival brings together artists and businesses so they can collaborate and build on their resources to make greater things together.

IE Film Festival is for students across the globe telling their stories through short films and leaving their impact on the world.

Not everybody has expensive equipment, not everyone has access to professional people and not everyone has the connections to spread their message; but anybody has the capability to tell a good story and that’s all we need to convey a message, to inspire and to make a change.

Our ultimate goal is to bring different voices together to tell and hear stories. Because all you need to change the world is a good story…

• General: This category is for all fiction films regardless of their genre or category. The films have to be made by a student or a recent graduate and be no longer than 15 minutes and have the technical requirements mentioned in the festival’s site.

• Unheard Voices: This Award will reflect those filmmakers who are active and working from the far corners of the world. We want to make sure that all voices are heard and all stories are told and this award is our way of making sure of it.

• Empowering Women's Voices: Diversity is not about where you live but also who you are. This award is for the strong female filmmakers whose stories reflect a glimpse into their world and their challenges

• Best Short
• Unheard Voices
• Empowering Women’s Voices
• Best Cinematography
• Best Script
• Best Editing
• Best Actor
• Best Actress

All films must be made by students who are currently enrolled in a university or those who have been graduated for less than one year. All students, from any country and with any degree are eligible and welcome to submit their films.


Any submission without this criteria will be disqualified from the festival.

Films should have a run time of 15 minutes or less (credits included)

All the films made after January 2015 are eligible to enter into the festival

There Are no limits to the number of movies any individual can submit

If you are planning to submit your film to our special categories please read each categories regulations carefully.

IESFF has the right to disqualify any film due to being overly obscure, vulgar and/or offensive.

If your film is selected for the festival, you are required to submit a Quicktime ProRes file and a DCP of the short film

All movies submitted to the festival should conform to copyright laws and uphold the rights required for all the content used in the film. These content include (but are not limited to): All the music used in the films, content and also actors and actresses. The filmmaker must be ready to submit any necessary documentation to prove ownership or the right to use any of the items above and the festival will get in contact with the filmmakers in case of any confusion.

Any film that violates these principles will be disqualified from the festival.

All foreign language entries must have English subtitles. Projects must be submitted through online screener (online screener is the preferred method; we recommend using Vimeo or YouTube and password-locking your film).

Works-in-progress are also eligible for submission but the final version has to be submitted one month before the festival.

You will receive an email upon completing the process. In case of any problems you can contact

The final deadline for the festival is December 1st, 2018 and the deadline won’t be expanded beyond this date.

The final version of the work-in-progress film should be submitted by January 1st, 2019.

You will be notified of acceptance by January 15th, 2018.

Official Selection: All movies that adhere to the general regulations and are less than five minutes can be submitted in this category.
MY WORLD, MY STORY: If your film is about your life, A story you experienced, a person you know or anything that reflects your individual life experience, you can submit your film to this category. Your film should be less than 5 minutes and tell a personal and unique story.
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IESFF is a great opportunity to showcase your talent to filmmakers, student and companies across the globe. So if your film is selected, use the press kit function of FilmFreewy to submit all the relevant data.

By submitting to IE Student Film Festival, you are agreeing that in case of acceptance, IESFF may use your film for promotional materials and in photos and video of the d

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  • Incredibly great-full to the IE student film festival for selecting our film, and awarding us BEST EDITING! Thankyou!

    February 2019