Jack Rollen


strong is her name
whose picture is that frame
love, kindness, virtue is her aim
don’t ask but believe
coz she’s good as I claim

her heart is of clay
her eyes of blue ray
she can’t go away
while i am at bay

her smile says it all
she’s down but stands tall
don’t matter if i fall
she’s here when I call

in rain she came
in thunders of flame
the sky is to blame
but her love I acclaim

the clouds cotton made
a sky white as snow
who’s knocking at the door
sweet chorus to my ear!

The joy I couldn’t bare
her loving eyes to stare
that embrace warm and fair
cold weather but hot air!

  • Jack Rollen
    Name of Band or Artist
  • Jack Rollen
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    R&B, HipHop
  • Length:
    3 minutes 41 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 7, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
  • HiPiPo Awards 2021
    Kampala, Uganda
    October 12, 2021
    Song Of The Year
Artist Biography

Ezra Colgate Onenchan Jackson (born November 03, 1999), Professionally Known By His Stage Name Jack Rollen (Often Stylized As JARO) Is A Multi-Talented Ugandan Singer-Rapper-Songwriter, Music Producer, Author, Poet, Actor And Playwright Who Started Writing Music In 2016, Composing And Writing Poetry In 2017, Playwrighting In 2019, And Started Music Production In 2020. Jack has generally been in the limelight since he was 16. He rose to nationwide recognition in 2016 when he wrote his first song “We Shall Fly,” a song which he later self produced and was the executive in charge of the script for the music video(to which he contributed in writing). We Shall Fly got a positive reception from the Ugandan audience.

Jack Rollen is professionally known by many names. He’s known as Producer Karts, He’s known as JAVIN and also as Tritto Pritto.

Ezra Colgate Onenchan Jackson was born on November 03, 1999 In St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, Gulu District in Northern Uganda to his South Sudanese parents Ayaa Mary Jackson and Ochan Jackson Okello. He’s Born In A Family Of Seven(7) where he is the second born. His siblings are Ageno Scovia(sister), Omita Comfort(brother), Komagum Gabriel(Brother), Aloyo Mercy Fayesty(sister).

He Is Born In A Christian Family Where Both Of His Parents Are Devoted Seventh Day Adventist Christians. Jack’s parents are part of the refugees from South Sudan who immigrated to Uganda in the early 1970s due to the first(which happened between 1955-1972)[5] and second(which happened between 1983-2005) civil wars in South Sudan. Jack Rollen grew up in refugee camps(Kiryandongo refugee camp in Kiryandongo district from 1999-2004 and Kyangwali refugee settlement in Hoima district from 2004-2011) with his family where they depended entirely on agriculture.

He attended his primary education from a village school(Kasonga Primary School) for classes Nursery and Primary One in Kyangwali refugee camp. He was then transferred to Hoima town for better education in 2009 where he started his Primary 2. He completed his primary seven from the same school(Murubya Primary School) in 2014 and later joined secondary at Bugema Adventist Secondary School(2015) in Luweero district but later finished his O’Level certificate education from Light College Katikamu(2018) in Wakiso district. He then joined Mandela secondary school(2019) for A’Level/Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education.

Jack Rollen is the founder of an entertainment company called JARO Foundation LTD to which he is current CEO. JARO Foundation LTD was founded in 2021. He’s also a founder of his own record label JARO vision RECORDS which is a child company to JARO Foundation LTD. Jack Rollen is the Record Executive in this record label and also CEO.

Jack Rollen has written three books;

• The Odyssey 101
This book is a thriller. It depicts a story from a haunted neighbourhood where there’s a ghost of darkness. This ghost is more interested in people’s eyesight, it gouges out the eyes of its victims and makes them blind to give it company in the world of darkness from where it comes.

• The Pens That Shout
This book is a poetry collection of interesting poems by Jack Rollen. The book comes in two volumes(this is so much to enjoy!)

• The Untold Tales
This is the second volume of the poetry book(which is a collection of poems written by Jack) “The Pens That Shout”

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