The Hyper Hybrid Film Festival stands out as a pioneering force in the world of cinema, wholeheartedly embracing the realm of hybrid films. In an era where the lines between reality and fiction have become increasingly blurred, there exists a pressing need to confront and explore the vast cosmos of hybridity that now envelops us. This extraordinary festival goes beyond mere exhibition and discourse, delving deep into the essence of this transformative cinematic landscape, while also offering profound insights into the various ways we perceive and interact with our so-called reality.

At the Hyper Hybrid Film Festival, filmmakers and storytellers are provided with an unparalleled platform to showcase their audacious creations that transcend traditional boundaries. By blending multiple genres, techniques, and narrative forms, these films challenge conventional notions and ignite a powerful dialogue about the dynamic interplay between reality and fiction. Through its curated selection of groundbreaking works, the festival invites audiences to embark on a mesmerizing journey, where the familiar merges with the unexpected, and the ordinary intertwines with the extraordinary.

This visionary event serves as a crucible for filmmakers, artists, and enthusiasts alike, fostering a collective understanding and appreciation of the evolving nature of our perceptual landscape. By immersing ourselves in this hyper hybrid universe, we are compelled to question the very fabric of our existence, reimagining what is possible and expanding our horizons of artistic expression. The Hyper Hybrid Film Festival is not merely an event; it is a transformative experience that transcends the boundaries of cinema, propelling us into a realm where imagination and reality intertwine in the most awe-inspiring ways.

Best Picture (Feature)
Best Director (Feature and Short)
Best Actor (Feature and Short)
Best Actress (Feature and Short)
Best Cinematography (Feature and Short)
Best Editing (Feature and Short)
Best Original Score (Feature)
Best Documentary (Feature and Short)
Best Animated Film (Feature and Short)
Best Short Film
Audience Choice Award (Feature and Short)
Jury Prize (Feature and Short)

1. Films of all genre are welcome to submit, however hybrid films will be priotized
2. Feature films must have a runtime of at least 60mins and short films must have a maximum runtime of 30mins
3. German premieres are preferred but not compulsory
4. Foreign films should either be subtitled in English or German
5. Film must be at least a 2023 production. Earlier productions may be accepted on rare instances. Please write to us first if you feel your film should be considered despite the year of production.

Overall Rating
  • Maxeem X

    A wonderful futuristic feeling film fest. Grand!

    April 2018
  • Vladimir Bayandin

    Hello, colleagues! I was absolutely thrilled to have my short film "In the family circle" acknowledged by this festival. The most amazing festival in which I participated! Friendly staff! I recommend to all my friends and you if you are in doubt! Hurry up submit your film!!!

    January 2018
  • Darko Vukić

    excellent truly this hyper hybrid film future

    January 2018
  • Perfekt !! Danke schön :D

    January 2018
  • Bill Sandidge

    Outstanding support for film entries !

    December 2017