HUFF aims to promote underwater film making and appreciation of the beauty and diversity of all things underwater as well as encouraging the art of underwater videography. Underwater videographers from around the world are invited to submit entries for consideration for screening.

The top three films in each category, as selected by an audience vote, will be announced at the end of each show. The cumulative audience vote winners, from all shows, will be announced at the last show.

1. The video must be substantially original video taken underwater by the author(s), for example, 50% original underwater video. The video must be processed solely by the authors.
2. The original underwater content must be shot in the wild -- no aquarium or set up shots.
3. Other video such as topside, archival or other video may be used, for example 50% topside, archival or other video,
4. The video must be in MP4 1080p format and be less than 2 GB.
5. The video must not depict or imply any stressful or abusive actions towards marine life or the environment.
6. By submitting a work to this event, the authors grant HUFF the right to show the work, should it be accepted, in one or more showings at the 2023 HUFF presentation and virtually. Excerpts from submitted videos may also be used in the trailer for the festival.

Please provide relevant info, including the following:
1. The name of the film.
2. The name of the filmmaker(s).
3. A brief introduction of the film (100 words or less).
4. A brief introduction of the filmmaker(s) (100 words or less).
5. Photo of the filmmaker(s).
6. A Contact email for the filmmaker(s)
7. How did you become aware of the HUFF?

By submitting the above information along with your film to the 2023 Houston Underwater Film Festival, you will be declaring that all the included information is true to the best of your knowledge and that you have all legal rights, including legal rights to the music, to submit this film for public screening at the 2023 HUFF. Your submission of the film is your affirmation to the truth of this declaration, in lieu of a signature.

Acceptance Procedure

Videos will be accepted for screening at HUFF based on the decision of a jury of HUFF Committee members. The goal of the committee is to assemble the best possible underwater video show regardless of origin of the works. The jury will consider the following criteria in reaching their decisions.

1. Coherency. Does the video have an appealing theme, story, point of view or message.
2. Technical excellence.
3. Adherence to rules and guidelines.
4. Aesthetics -- music, dramatic impact, humor, etc.
5. Commercial content is discouraged.

Submission Procedure

Films must be submitted through FilmFreeway no later than February 1, 2023. Acceptance status will be communicated no later than April 1, 2023 via email.

Overall Rating
  • Celine MONFORT

    Thank you to the HUFF's team for this great festival. I could not attend this year but hopefully within the next years.

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    We would love to have you there to meet with our audience at the Awards Reception. Next year's HUFF is April 29-300, 2023.


    The people there were very communicative and very polite

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for trusting us with your film. We hope to get another one from you next year.

  • Although I didn't have the chance to attend the festival, the communication with the festival team was warm and very friendly. Our film was fortunate to be awarded, but above all, and this is where we find our greatest satisfaction, to be screened and shared with the many spectators who are passionate about the underwater world. A big thank you to all.

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your feedback. Can't wait to see more films from you.

  • Blane Henderson

    Thank you HUFF! I appreciated the communication and promotion of my project. I was also very much pleased and humbled to have Magic of Socorro become an award winner and to have several segments of it featured in your trailer for this year. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t attend, but was I working on another underwater project that hopefully will be good enough to submit to next years completion. Thankyou for honoring The Magic of Socorro!

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your feedback. We're really looking forward to your next film! Such beautiful drone footage.

  • very glad to be selected for the HUFF, great communication, thank you

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your feedback. Hope to get another great film from you next year.