In order to discover young talents, educate and acquaint them with animation, the children, teenagers and adults art Center intends to hold the "First International Homemade Stop Motion Film Festival" in the world.
Stop motion is one of the animation techniques in which the objects are moved frame by frame and their images are recorded by cameras, mobile phones or tablets. From the sequence of these images, it appears that the objects are moving on their own. Dolls with movable joints or made of paste and Legos are used a lot in this technique. In some cases, other things such as humans, household items, plants, etc. are used instead of dolls.
Due to the easy access of children and young adults to communication tools such as: tablets and mobile phones, these animations can be produced at home, school and other places according to the creativity of children and adults.
There is no need to spend money in the amateur stage of stop motion and it is easy to produce. Only the creative minds of children and young adults, as well as paying attention to the themes and working on how to properly structure the film will lead to a desired result.

Gold medals to 5 FILMS (best movies)
The honors diploma to 5 FILMS (best movies)

Aims of the festival:
1- Providing the special conditions of the international community and the necessity of planning for children and young adults in artistic and creative activities at home
2- Educating and discovering the talents of children and young adults
3- Producing low-cost animations for the enthusiasts
4- Providing a platform for creativity and innovation in children, young adults and youth
5- Motivating children and young adults to study and learn ethical issues, humanity, helping other human beings, respecting parents, health, paying attention to the foundation of family, city, urbanization, and the environment

This festival is held in three age groups:
1. Children (5 to 12 years old)
2. Teenagers (12 to 20 years old)
3. Adults (over 20 years old)

Cleanliness and the environment, discipline, honesty, gratitude to parents, responsibility, trustworthiness, urbanization and attention to the family foundation, personal and social health, and free section
Acceptable stop motion techniques and types:
1- Dolls (like Lego)
2- Paste
3- Cut outs (paper, cardboard and fabric).
4- Objects
5- Pixilation and photo stop motion

Guideline on how to produce stop motion:
The secretariat of the festival will post related Instructional videos for all Enthusiasts and participants on the website and the Instagram page at:

Festival rules:
1. Participating in this festival is open to the public and filmmakers.
2. Please set the stop motion production software on the high quality mode while recording.
3. For more information, please refer to the instructional videos posted on the festival website and Instagram page.
4. The minimum time limit of the produced films is 30 seconds.
5. The final decision on unpredicted cases is the responsibility of the festival organizers.
6. Completing the registration form and sending the work means accepting all the announced regulations.
7. All films submitted to the festival will be displayed online on the festival website. After the initial review, the selected films in all sections can be used in any promotion and media of the Secretariat.
8. The use of the films is permitted 'ONLY' with the logo or caption of the Festival