Why live in the real world when there is a perfectly good one inside your head?
As a creative, I find myself in helpless thraldom to the irresistible allure of all that is dark and macabre in movies (and TV, literature, art, news; one has to takes the total package!) Be it psychological mind-f**cks, vomit-inducing gorefests, VHS Video Nasties or vintage Hammer epics, I love each and every component of the black rainbow that the horror genre basks in, avidly consuming all and discriminating against none.
With a heart and soul tainted by such wickedness, it is through screenwriting that I find catharsis via this craft I adore. What some may see as constrictions in writing for the screen, I wholeheartedly embrace, calling upon my own twisted powers of imagination to overcome the challenges associated with this simple to pick up, but tricky to master art-form. I have sought to achieve this by honing a very vivid, visual style in my own particular and pithy approach to script writing (Walter Hill's terse style I often strive to emulate).
As a writer and producer, I am bent towards the ostensible straight jacket of ultra-low budget film making, extracting every last drop of goodness possible from the limited resources at my command. To this end, I have learnt to formulate narratives set in one location with a minimal cast. These serve as an unholy testament to my personal ethic of practical chastity and inventive mindset.
I have also completed a number of freelancing script reading assignments, both for individuals, production houses and script consultancies. These include Size 9 Productions, Script Angel, Bang2Write and South Film Expo. It is a great joy and privilege to be privy to the writing styles and behaviours of my eclectic, resplendent and diverse peers. I am always eager to collaborate with those looking to bring their own creative visions to the screen.
Currently, one is moulding an ensemble of self-contained, feature-length screenplays into fully fleshed out beasts. I am also working as a script reader for Pinewood studios based Lift-Off Film Festival.
Bournemouth University
Producing for Film and TV (Masters Degree - Distinction)
Bournemouth University
Scriptwriting for Film and TV (BA - First Class Honours)
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March 17
6' 2"
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Why live in the real world when there is a perfectly good one inside your head?
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