HARD:LINE International Film Festival aims to present all the various faces of extreme cinema.

The question as to what is meant by the term “extreme” can be understood by looking at the content of our wide selection of fantastic films. “Extreme” is often defined by an explicit splatter aesthetic but it can also be represented by unusual story-telling methods or an exotic visual language. Thus we are currently in the process of meticulously selecting fifteen such examples that could be important in the future of the genre. We have not set any boundaries in our search and whether a film is a pearl of the independent scene, fun splatter or no-brainer, H:LIFF loves special films!

HARD:LINE International Film Festival is no warehouse festival where the priority is to show as many films as possible but rather concentrates on presenting a few glowing examples of everything that extreme film can be.



You and your work are the only reason why we exist!

We are a pure audience-driven festival that focuses on entertaining our guests which is why we have dispensed with an elaborate jury process and have instead left it up to the festival goers to decide what they find interesting and exciting. Every film has the chance of becoming the festival favorite except for the film that runs during our final night. This film is shown after a concert and followed by a party in a public space. The final night is all about fun for all.

- Audience's Darling

Special Selections:
- Opening Night
- Closing Night (Out of competition)

H:LIFF is an annual festival held in Regensburg, Germany. The festival is dedicated to exploring and celebrating extreme cinema. This term means that we are strictly focused on horror, thriller and science-fiction. The festival concentrates on presenting a few glowing examples of everything that extreme film can be.

a) We are focused on films with a minimum running time of 60 minutes (no shorts).
b) Your film must be a genre flick (more precisely: horror, thriller or sci-fy).
c) We only screen feature films (no documentaries).
d) For films in languages others than English, we require English subtitles.
e) Submitted films should have been produced within the last four years.
f) Films must not have publicly screened in Germany (except festival screenings).
g) The submitting person must have the permission of the right owner to submit.
h) All rights (music, based on, etc) are clarified by the filmmaker.
I) As for the screening itself the movie should be available as BluRay or DCP.

Please note that submissions which are going against these simple rules will be rejected automatically.

a) We view all the submissions until the middle of July at which point we write up a shortlist of about 20 favorites.
b) We determine which titles we would like to present and will contact you should your submission be among the selections. Thereafter we can negotiate the conditions for the screening.
c) By the end of August, every film should have been either accepted or rejected. In any case, you will hear back from us.

We are looking forward to your movie!

Overall Rating
  • Marc Carreté

    Amazing festival! I was in 2018 edition, amazing movies, awesome festival crew and the screening quality is increible. I want to come back in the future, this festival is going to get a lot of popularity in the coming years.

    October 2018
  • Latefox Pictures

    HARD:LINE was a fantastic and an exceptional festival. Our film "Death On Scenic Drive" premiered there in 2017 and we could not have asked for a better venue and audience! Our team was from Canada and we've toured films across the world at different festivals and HARD:LINE will ALWAYS be a TOP choice to premiere a film. The programmers and organizers were very accommodating, professional and the city of Regensburg was so beautiful. Florian Scheuerer the festival director is extremely knowledgeable in film and very smart. If your film gets in, make sure you stay for a few days and explore the festival and the other films playing. A true staple in fantastic, horror genre film festivals internationally. The audience here is one of the best!

    March 2018
  • Joe Dietsch

    Great festival, so glad to have had our German premiere with these guys. Really easy to coordinate with and they treat the filmmakers great. Florian is the man.

    October 2017
  • Aaron McCann

    Such an amazing festival and a hard-working team who were happy to accommodate us. Would definitely enter again.

    October 2017