acts of courage

In this art piece, I delve into the intricate connection between the self and the body, reflecting on my own challenges and hardships in trying to exist in my body on my own terms within the societal norms of India. As a woman, my body frequently undergoes scrutiny and judgment based on preconceived notions of acceptability and appropriateness. The daily act of dressing myself is a reminder that my body is subject to constant scrutiny and evaluation by those around me, creating an ongoing sense of discomfort that I am constantly striving to overcome. I feel for people who are in similar shoes as I am, who are trying to carve out a path of self expression and respect. I hope for there to be more empathy and regard for the different bodies that surround us.

  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Greeshma Chauhan is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in India, specialising in both traditional and digital mediums.
By incorporating recurring symbols and motifs into her work, Greeshma urges viewers to take a moment to contemplate their thoughts and surroundings.

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