Goodnight, Goodbye

While in the depths of despair after loving my wife through the very difficult death of our first child, I started to hear music....

"Goodnight, Goodbye" was written as a lullabye to a child who didn't survive long enough to hear it. As a disabled veteran who has been afflicted with the death of innocents since I was a child when both of my brothers died before the age of four, I was in a very dark place following the miscarriage. I tried my best to show the outside world how strong I could be, and show my wife what a stoic and dependable husband I could be. Inside I was a wreck dealing with the immediacy of the miscarriage, as well as the restimulation of the deaths of my brothers, and other friends, that I had never taken the time to truly heal from.

It was around then that the music came.

I would hear it in my dreams, then wake up and pluck the songs out on a guitar. I can't read music and don't even know the notes of my guitar, but the songs created from these sessions have won multiple gold medals from the global music awards, IMC awards, AMG heritage awards, Radio Music Awards, and so many others.

These songs, and how they led to a successful, international, music career with all of the magic that accompanied us, including having our first child born while we were on tour, having him on stage with us in Mexico just after his birth, and walking the red carpets for the Grammys parties with him as he mostly slept in his little tuxedo onsie - these are the lights that finally made the darkness worth fighting through. Just like the voice that gave me the music in my sleep, I knew that there were others out there suffering who needed to hear the depths of sorrow through these notes so that they knew they were never alone in their sorrow, and that the darkest nights really do lead to the most beautiful sun rises.

About a year after the album was released I wanted to create videos for a few songs in hopes that those songs from dreamland could reach more people who needed them. We never released "Goodnight, Goodbye" as a single, and this was it's time to shine. It quickly became a rarely played, but well loved, fan favorite. Sadly, the music world lost a great influence on people my age and from my genre, and I got the news of Chris Cornell's passing on the day that the first draft of the video came in from my team. He was always an inspiration, and I was always very flattered when critics compared my voice to his. I was never afraid to sing my own way because Chris was so bold about singing himself in an industry where people just didn't sing like that. We edited the video that night in order to give him his due. We dedicated the video to Chris and we used the last frames to post the national suicide hotline with a call to action for our fans and viewers to call if they, or someone they know, needs help.

Every step of this process was from the heart. Everyone involved in this video lost someone close to them to suicide, or attempted it themselves, and thankfully survived.

Please accept this as our combined offing to those who are suffering in silence and need to know that we are here, we survived, and we are here to guide you back to yourself if you need someone to help you. You are never alone.

  • Nic Nassuet
  • Nic Nassuet
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    Music Video
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    Folk, Gothic Folk, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Singer Songwriter, Singer/Songwriter
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    3 minutes 40 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 20, 2017
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    500 USD
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    United States
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    United States
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Nic Nassuet is an American gothic-folk musician based in Hollywood, California.

Nassuet's debut album Eleutherios was released in 2015 to critical acclaim. Jetset Magazine described his debut release as "[a] blend of Celtic, blues, rock, folk, grunge and goth" that "explores and transcends his [Nassuet's] musical boundaries with a true sense of freedom." He also saw radio play on a variety of independent stations.

The Huffington Post, has referred to his signature style as "Gothic Folk", a moniker echoed in a June 2015 review by Guardian Liberty Voice. The Global Music Awards gave Nassuet a gold medal for "Alternative Rock Gothic Folk". Review Fix said that Nassuet "put a definable face on the gothic rock genre." Blogcritics compared his style to the Celtic music, Operatic Rock, and Grunge genres. and Big Sky State Buzz said that Eleutherios contained "hints of rock and roll." Nassuet's music has been compared to Jim Morrison, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Richie Havens, Lindsay Buckingham, and Danny Elfman, Meanwhile, his singing has garnered comparisons to singers like Lindsey Buckingham, Axl Rose, and Kate Bush.

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