The Guerilla MovieMaking Awards have closed for Year/Round Two.
Winners will be announced by March 2019.

We will now be hosting 3 Rounds a Year. Submissions for Round 3 begin now!

Our goal is to find the real and raw talent in film, regardless of budget. However, we do know that a big difference can be found in a 500 dollar guerilla film versus a 500,000 dollar guerilla film, so we've divided categories based on budgets, with the maximum budget being 500k.

Each budget category will be awarded Best Film, Cinematography & Editing.

Other awards include the overall best of; Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Music, Best Song, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup, Best Visual FX, Best Action Scenes (for Stunt Men and Women), Best Trailer and Best Concept Trailer. We will also award Best Music Video and Best Performer in a Music Video. Finally we have our Best of Fest, which will be awarded to the very best film of the entries, regardless of budget and/or running time.

The Official Selection Stamp/Screening Status;
Every film entered we accept as an "Official Selection" into our awards festival. From the moment that you enter you may legitimately put
"Official Selection: Guerilla MovieMaking Awards Festival"
"Official Selection: GMMA Festival"
on to your film's poster, trailer, web site, etc.

Films of any length, from any year, and of every genre will be accepted. We have several categories for budget and awards;
*Films made for under $1,000 *Films made for 1k-5k *Films made for 5k-10k *Films made for 10k-25k *Films made for 25k-50k
​*Films made for 50k-100k *Films made for 100k-250k *Films made for 250k-500k

Determining Guerilla Status;
Only you will know if your film is a guerilla movie (sometimes a million dollar film can be shot guerilla style, sometimes a 50k movie can be totally legit/Hollywood style, you'll have to make the call on that, though we do not allow films with a budget over 500k to enter this particular awards festival).

Before submitting ask yourself these questions...
Did you shoot without permits? Trespass to get a shot? Have your mother cook the food for the catering? Shoot at your parents house? Wear multiple hats to get the job done? Cast people on the streets when actors didn't show up? Sell personal items to raise more money for the shoot (or even your home)? Beg people to work for free (or for food)? Etc., etc, etc. If so, your film was most likely a guerilla production.

Screening Status: We are an awards only festival, we do not host screenings.
But because we are not a live screening festival your film can still keep the Premiere Status that many major festivals require.

Early Deadline is Jan 15th, 2019
Regular Deadline is Feb 28th, 2019
Late Deadline is March 31st, 2019
Extended Deadline is April 21st, 2019
​Awards Announced: May 2019

Submit today!