Get It Made is a Los Angeles based, short-form, writing contest where a winning SCRIPT IS SHOT EVERY MONTH.

Hosted by Absurd Hero Productions, an emerging Los Angeles based production company specializing in narrative films, music videos & commercials since 2009, this competition is an opportunity for filmmakers to get their work MADE, at industry standard quality.

Being no more than five pages, your submitted script should tell a story in an economy of style. The story must take place in one location, with no major stunts, props, pyrotechnics, or other high-cost elements. It must be a feasible concept. The entrant must be the creator and owner of the script material. Entrants must include a one-sentence Logline.

- Each month, only the first 500 scripts submitted are accepted into the contest.

- Each month, a ShortList of 100 scripts is posted on the AHP Facebook Page. Those writers are encouraged to resubmit the same script for next month's contest, increasing their odds of winning.

- Any writers who submit consecutively become eligible for our monthly raffle, which includes paid positions on the crew, free entry waivers, script consultations, on-set shadowing, and other offers and prizes.

- Each month, one Grand Prize and nine runner-up winners are selected.

- Early bird entry fee is only $10. It is the lowest entry fee of any current screenplay contest.

In helping to find and foster new talent, Get It Made provides the opportunity for writers to see their short-form script produced and seen by industry professionals. Founded by Hollywood pros who have worked on major film and TV productions in Los Angeles, Get It Made collaboratively applies their skills to your script. By having your short-form script made to professional standards, Get It Made can be your stepping stone into a career in screenwriting.

Take a look at the kick-off film, The Martial Artist, for December 2017 by visiting our website. After winning the AHP Women in Film Internship, writer / directed Megan Devaney went on to debut our contest. Megan has also been awarded the UK's Artist Choice Award, and won $12,000 to produce her latest comedy, Out of His Misery.

You wrote your script to see it on screen. Let us get it there.

One Grand Prize and nine runner-up winners are selected each month.


- Each Grand Prize winner of the monthly contest will work with Absurd Hero Productions as a consultant through all aspects of the project - from casting and crewing up to shooting & editing.

- With completion of your short-form film, you will have writer's credit on IMDB, and will receive hard and digital copies of the final product for your reel.


- 5 x PAID Production Crew Positions including:

-- Script Supervisor
-- General PA 1
-- BTS Videographer
-- General PA 2
-- On Set Social Media

Each runner-up gets a $50 per diem. Get an up close and personal look into the filmmaking process as well as the team at Absurd Hero Productions.


-- 1 x 20 Minute Skype Session to discuss your script.

-- 3 x FREE Entry Waivers for any month.

-- 1 x Director Shadowing Experience. Learn from and personally assist the director of the project.

Get It Made Short-Form Writing Contest - RULES AND REGULATIONS.

1) If you are a writer / filmmaker, have written an original screenplay no more than 5 pages in length and have a single sentence Logline for that script, you are welcome to submit.

2) Absurd Hero Productions accepts all genres including comedy, drama, documentary, animation, horror, sci-fi, music video and experimental films. We guarantee that all scripts submitted will be considered up until midnight of the final day of submissions.

3) All submissions must include a single sentence LOGLINE and a digital copy of the script uploaded to FilmFreeway.

4) If your script is selected, winners will be engaged to enter a Creative Agreement with Absurd Hero Productions, which involves a quid pro quo, concerning ownership of the project in it’s entirety.

5) Only the first 500 entrants will be considered. Festival closes as soon as the quota is filled.

6) All submission fees must be paid via

7) Our Talent Team—led by our Festival Directors—view all submissions and will select one project per month to produce. A tiered Judging Panel of industry professionals will select the winning script and create each months ShortList.

8) SHORT LIST. Each month, a Short List of 100 scripts is posted on the AHP Facebook Page, in chronological order. Those writers are eligible for the runner-up prizes and are encouraged to resubmit the same script for next month's contest, as it increases their odds of winning.

9) All entrants are eligible for the raffle prizes each month.

10) We encourage and allow contestants to submit as many scripts as they want. For each script submitted, a separate FilmFreeway project profile must be created and the $10 entry fee paid as a separate transaction.

Correct script formatting is key, and is expected.

Overall Rating
  • Harker Jones

    Matt Boda and Absurd Hero Productions are a superb production company. Professional and easy to work with, they make the complicated process of filmmaking understandable and digestible. They brought my script to vivid life beyond even what I had been seeing in my head. Boda’s going to go far because he’s smart, open-minded, easygoing and a true collaborator. It was almost magical working with this prod co. because it was such a smooth, seamless experience. Truly 5 stars in every category.

    April 2018
  • Enjoyed the festival- loved the feedback and exposure my script received.

    April 2018
  • Alicia Norman

    this is a fun contest with a lot to offer. Via the contents notes, I was able to hone my script and received production consideration from two companies. That said, I was supposed to get a SKYPE meeting after Otherling made the finals in the first contest but never received one. That's cool, and it doesn't take away from the good aspects of GET IT MADE, just kinda wondered what happened.

    April 2018
  • Get It Made Short-Form Screenplay Contest is the best festival to submit if you're looking for real helpful feedback! Thank you for entering my scripts as finalist and semi-finalist. I will definitely recommend GM and will be submitting again soon!

    March 2018