Youth, future, and new films! Gbeck Future Film Festival is a competition of original films created by filmmakers from around the world, designed to discover and support young filmmakers.

Gbeck Future Film Festival focuses on new media and young filmmakers. Many great young filmmakers have been fostered by this event, and many excellent new films were discovered in the selection process.

The shortlist for the 9th GbeckFF will be released in May 2023, and the winners will be announced in September. The 9th Gbeck Future Film Screening and more activities will be presented in September 2023.

shortlisted certificate
nominated certificate
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The competition have two units: "short film" and "full-length film", and organized in three types: drama, documentary and animation. Short films require less than 60 minutes, full-length films require more than 60 minutes. The submission should be digital media format and the filmmakers are not limited to nationality.

If the film language is not English, it must have English subtitles.

Come on, join us, we are the futureļ¼

Overall Rating
  • Reham Emam

    Delighted and honored to have my documentary film selected at such amazing film festival. Will definitely send my future films to Gbeck festival.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    We were so proud to have your great film at GbeckFF. Looking forward to seeing your new films in the future.

  • James Whitelaw

    I was thrilled when Gbeck FF shortlisted my animated film "The Painter In Paris" for their festival. And I was as thrilled when they sent through a certificate after the festival - I get so few, it was really appreciated. I hope to "see you" again next year with my new animated short, currently in production. Thanks again :-)

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thanks again for rooting for GbeckFF. Let's make everything better in the future.

  • shekh almamun

    We are very happy to be nominated as part of the selection our film to this year's Gbeck Future Film festival

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    We are so happy to have you and your great film on GbeckFF too. Thanks for rooting for GbeckFF. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  • happy to be in this festival with 'preferentes'; good communication!!

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Good to see your great film 'Preferentes' on GbeckFF. Looking forward to seeing your new films in the future.

  • Mohammad ferajzadeh

    I'm glad that "no comment" won the award.
    The invitation was sent late. We could not have a live presence
    I hope you send the invitation to the next courses of the festival 3 months in advance.

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    'No Comment' is the surprise for the 8th GbeckFF. We apologize again for the late invitation. We will do our best in the future, and looking forward to seeing your film again.