This contest is sponsored by Open Space Arts, which also sponsors Pride Film Fest ( The mission of our PRIDE FILM FEST is to celebrate and promote the diversity and stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities through the medium of film. We aim to create a supportive and inclusive space where audiences can engage with thought-provoking, entertaining, and empowering cinematic experiences that challenge stereotypes, inspire dialogue, and foster greater understanding and acceptance.

Our festival is dedicated to showcasing a wide range of films that explore the rich tapestry
By curating diverse films, including narrative features, documentaries, shorts, and experimental works, we aim to highlight the complexities of LGBTQ+ lives and the issues that affect our communities globally. Through the power of storytelling, we hope to address social, cultural, and political challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals and foster a sense of unity, resilience, and celebration.

Our festival also catalyzes meaningful conversations and engagement within and beyond the LGBTQ+ community. Through panel discussions, workshops, and networking events, we aim to provide a platform for dialogue, education, and activism. We believe in the power of cinema to spark empathy, ignite change, and contribute to a more inclusive society.

Furthermore, we are committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment for all festival attendees, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, or ability. We strive to ensure our venues are accessible, welcoming, and free from discrimination or prejudice.

Ultimately, PRIDE FILM FEST seeks to entertain, enlighten, and inspire audiences by showcasing outstanding LGBTQ+ films that captivate hearts, challenge minds, and contribute to a more diverse and equitable world.

The winning screenplay will be considered for further development and the possibility of being filmed. Development includes readings with professional actors and staff, as well as other possibilities for marketing and promotion.