We took a break in 2019. COVID-19 forced us to go virtual in 2020. Now it's 2021, and we look forward to seeing you Aug. 6-7 in our new venue at the Gaslight Theatre in Enid, Oklahoma.

For the second consecutive year, we are excited to announce a cash prize for the LORD OF THE FLY award. A cash prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the best short, feature, documentary, film product accepted into the festival. (Student films are not eligible for Lord of the Fly)

ELIGIBILITY: Only U.S. produced films that have been accepted into the 2021 FLY Film Festival as official selections are eligible. Other prizes may be awarded. TBA

Encouraging, enthusiastic and expressive. Entering its 7th official year, FLY brings back the same mix of class and fun, but with always something new.

Our gorgeous venues and programs highlight YOU! When not at a screening, mingle in our VIP section, check out our restaurants and breweries or play a game!

We are looking for Films Like Yours! So send us your best!

Best Feature Length Film

Best Short Film

Best Oklahoma Feature Length

Best Oklahoma Short Film

Best Student Feature Length

Best Student Short Film

Best Documentary

Additional special awards may be given.

2021 FLY Film Festival
Rules and Regulations

Submissions forms must be completed with current phone, email, and mailing address information. Incomplete information may cause your project to be removed from consideration as an official entry or for awards.

Each filmmaker with a project that has been accepted to this year’s festival will receive 2 Event Passes for the weekend.

By submitting an entry, you agree to hold FLY Film Festival staff and volunteers, associated businesses, organizations, and sponsors harmless from all claims and liabilities connected with your participation and/or entry into the festival.

Entrants retain all rights to films and screenplays (as well as associated publicity materials).

Submitting your project grants permission to FLY Film Festival organizers to use film clips and publicity materials for promotions for festival and films on tv, radio, print, website, and social media.

FLY Film Festival reserves the right to reject any submission.

Submission Fees will not be refunded for any reason.

You will be notified if your film has been accepted and has a scheduled screening time. FLY organizers will make final decisions on screening.


1. Any film made after January 1, 2018 is eligible as long as they follow all other rules & regulations.

2. Films that have aired on US television prior to the festival or are currently commercially available for purchase or viewing are not eligible.

3. Film-makers must have all rights associated to their project to enter or exhibit their film. This includes rights to any audio or visual materials used in the film or with promotional materials.

4. Films containing graphic violence towards children or animals, scenes of explicit sexual content (considered pornographic) or films that promote violence towards or against any group (political, racial, sexuality, etc.) will not be shown at the festival and may not be considered for awards. If you have questions about your film’s content, please contact FLY Film Festival coordinators.

5. FLY Film Festival reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason at any time.


1. Submit your film online at filmfreeway.com/festival/FLYFilmFestival
Follow all instructions and rules. Fill out forms completely and accurately.
Make sure that you provide any passwords needed for judge’s viewing.

2. Multiple submissions are allowed but must be entered individually. Each film requires its own completed entry.

3. The submitting party must be either the producer or director of the film or author of the screenplay.

4. All entries must be in English or contain English subtitles.

5. Submitted projects should not exceed 2 hours (120 minutes) in length, not including closing credits. Films that include scenes during the closing credits that continue the film’s narrative will be counted towards the total running time.


If notified of acceptance into the festival please make sure you have provided a downloadable copy of the project in the highest quality format possible, either through FilmFreeway or via email.

You do not have to be present to win. However, trophies will not be mailed to you. We will keep the trophies available for six months after the festival for the filmmaker to pick up or to make shipping arrangements. Shipping charges will be the responsibility of the filmmaker.

Thank you for your interest in FLY Film Festival!!!!

Overall Rating
  • It was a great experience and an honor to be included in this festival among so many good films. Even though we had to have a virtual festival, it was still a great experience and I look forward to being able to attend in person next year.

    August 2020
  • arshia zeinali

    It was a great experience.
    Congratulations to the official selection and winners and hopefully this festival continues to go through the way.
    Thank you so much for your amazing film festival.

    August 2020
  • We had a great time in Enid; FLY Film Festival gets my full recommendation!
    1) A very friendly and helpful staff/volunteers lead by festival director Christopher Sneed.
    2) Opening night icebreaker with staff and filmmakers
    3) A unique screening venue (Enid Symphony Center)
    4) A supportive community. We met and chatted with a handful of locals after our screening(s).
    5) A fun closing night ceremony (packed house).
    A few extras: Snacks, tea/coffee in the filmmakers lounge; A goody bag with t-shirt (my favorite film fest banner/logo (What an excellent design); One-of-a-kind awards designed by a local artist; Plenty to do in Enid between screenings...and who doesn't like a road trip. (Dallas to Enid). Thanks again, FLY! We'll be back.

    January 2019
  • I wasn't able to attend the FLY Film Festival, but I wish I had! My short doc, The Last Doll Lady, was accepted, and right away, you could tell that they really cared about the filmmakers and indie film in general. Communication from the festival was great, they kept you up to date with everything and were constantly updating their Facebook page. When the festival started, they posted pics from screenings and Q&As daily. Bonus, they easily have the coolest awards that any festival gives out. They are all custom made works of art, it's a new goal of mine to win one! I highly recommend submitting to FLY, I plan on submitting all future work to them.

    August 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for submitting! We enjoyed having The Last Doll Lady as part of the line-up. Wonderful work!

  • FLY Film Festival continues to be an oasis for creativity and a purely positive place for artists, including filmmakers. Truly special in my life.

    August 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Mr. Mertens. That means a lot to us.