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What is FloraThin?

A bottle of the probiotic supplement FloraThin costs $39.99.

Developed by Dr. Mark Rosenberg and the Sun Coast Sciences team, FloraThin has several Benefits, including the ability to reduce bloating, aid in weight loss, improve digestion, and support healthy bacteria in your gut.

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The probiotic bacteria in each capsule of FloraThin total 35 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) and come in seven different strains. 19 digestive enzymes are also included to aid in the digestion of food and the extraction of nutritional value. You can support the claimed results by taking one capsule of FloraThin each day.

According to Dr. Rosenberg, FloraThin is not merely a probiotic; it is also a "superbiotic." By focusing on gut health in various ways, FloraThin may provide several active Benefits. In fact, according to Dr. Rosenberg, the formula is simple to use and safe, and it may help you "flush out 15+ pounds of stubborn waste."

How Does FloraThin Work?

Probiotics and digestive enzymes are a combination of two types of substances that FloraThin uses to work.

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You can provide your body with 35 billion CFUs of probiotic bacteria from seven strains by taking one capsule of FloraThin per day. To digest food, absorb the Vitamin from it, and maintain healthy immune function, your gut needs probiotic microorganisms.

Sun Coast Sciences has additionally included 19 unique digestive enzymes in FloraThin, making it more than just a typical probiotic pill.

Digestive enzymes aid in the digestion of the food you consume. Your body creates enzymes to break down a variety of substances, including lactose, protein, lipids, and carbohydrates. You may feel bloated or have digestive problems after consuming certain foods, such as dairy or fatty ones if your body lacks certain enzymes.

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