First of its kind in INDIA , Filmsthan is an International Film Festival On Wheels. The name and the tagline are self-explanatory. We at Filmsthan aim to take cinemas to every nook and corner of the country. Filmsthan will build an entire ecosystem of enthusiastic artists, and movie makers. Interaction with artists and makers will give audience a better understanding of the industry. This forum will act as a platform for upcoming and rising artists to voice their opinions and ideas. Makers and creators will get this extraordinary chance to connect with wider audience and convey their messages. Filmsthan is making exemplary efforts to give cinema and art more exposure.
Filmsthan is amalgam of Cinema, Theatre, Music, Art, and Culture. Hardly do we see one platform where all these categories are brought together. We believe that all these fields go hand in hand; one is incomplete without the other. Filmsthan will give this one of its kind opportunity for all the people from these fields to interact and exchange their expertise. This will not only enrich the performance on stage with diversity but also build a strong ecosystem for the future of stage art in the country.
The world has been blessed to receive some wonderful film creations; unfortunately some part of the same world never got the opportunity to witness these creations. Filmsthan is going to knock at every door of rural India and enlighten people with Film Festivals. The outreach of the silver screen has been limited to cities and towns; Filmsthan will bridge this gap and take silver screen to every corner of the country. Filmsthan’s journey will comprise screening of both Indian and International movies, it will also include renowned short movies and documentaries. Local film makers and regional artisans will get a wider exposure with us.
Theatre artists are seldom recognized and appreciated in rural India, as their audience is mostly restricted to cities. Filmsthan will take theatre to every possible audience and raise the bar of the theatre art. Performances with a pinch of culture create an unparalleled essence. We want our audience to experience that essence. Music is the soul of every show; aspiring musicians will get the opportunity to witness and interact with great musicians. The number of artisans involved in art forms has been declining in recent years. We aspire to give art a different face as profession and portray it as a promising career to pursue. All that artisans wish for is a platform of recognition, and that is exactly what we are creating.
Each Film Festival will have its own theme and purpose. Filmsthan will travel across the country to bring film makers and audience together. It will be a unique opportunity where art and art lovers will be seen together.

Event Key Points:
# Event Duration : Approx. 27 days
# Film Screening at 51 Locations [ City/Rural ] in Rajasthan ( INDIA )
# 5000 + Kilometer Journey
# 4 day’s full of Theatre
# Photography exhibition cum competition
# Cultural Music Nights
# Panel Discussions
# Samvaad – Interaction with Audience
# Audience / Viewership : 2 Millions [ Total Event Coverage/ Viewership Direct / Indirect ]
# Workshops / Training Sessions

We invite the digital media community at large to participate in this annual celebration of national and international talent.

Attractive Prize List Will be Listed Soon here :-) .

We invite the digital media community at large to participate in this annual celebration of national and international talent.
Short Film / Documentary
1. Base on real event
2. Fiction
3. On social massages
4. Experimental
5. Other
Animation Film
1. On social massage
2. Experimental
3. Other

All films / documentaries shot on film or Video (Analog / Digital format) between April 2013 to June 30 2016 within a running duration of 30 seconds to 45 minutes are eligible for the festival. Entries of all short fiction films / short documentaries / short animation (hereafter collectively called Films) shall be accepted only in DVD/BluRay/DCP/MOV format. To be eligible for short film category competition section, a film must be less than 45 minutes in duration. If a film is not eligible to be entered in any category (short fiction film, documentary film, Animation) will be eligible for Critic Film and non-competition section.
• The treatment of a story is essentially the story outline as it plays out in the script. An applicant may send in his treatment in 5-7 pages. Full scripts will not be accepted.
• By submitting the application form the applicant hereby certifies, with regards to all third parties involved, that he/she has read and understood the regulations | Information listed, that that he/she is legally authorized to submit the project for co–‐production and that the information given by the applicant is true and correct. The applicant indemnifies Filmsthan against any claims to the contrary.
1. FILMSTHAN may request a high–‐resolution photograph (300 dpi) of the Director and Producer of the project at a later date.
2. In FILMSTHAN HINDI and ENGLISH will be used as official Langage so your application must be submitted in the English language / Hindi Language only. You must submit all required documents in English / Hindi , including your treatment.
3. DVD(s) of previous work of the director will be requested at a later date.
4. None of the submitted material shall be returned to the sender.
5. Once the project is selected for the FILMSTHAN will ask for additional project information and financial details if needed.

CHANGE OF CONTACT DETAILS Please make sure that you inform us of any changes to your contact details by emailing

The Filmsthan is proud to be able to support a wide variety of screening formats and always screens at the optimum possible format for each film. Should your film be successful, screening formats will be discussed by our Screenings Department.

After we have processed your submission a confirmation email will be sent to you. Those who submit through DVD via Courier can check the status of their submission through the website. Alternatively, you may also include a self-address, stamped postcard, which we will mail back to you once your submission has been processed. Please leave two weeks for your submission to be processed and confirmation to be sent after this date.

Submission to the Filmsthan constitutes agreement to all rules, regulations, and conditions contained in this document and your consent that your film be considered for any awards that may be given at the Festival. Submission also certifies that all film and music rights and clearances have been obtained (in accordance with INDIA and International copyright laws). By submitting, you agree not to withdraw your film from the Filmsthan after it has been accepted by the Filmsthan selection board.