Are you a student? Maybe a longtime filmmaker. Perhaps you've be meaning to put out that old movie but didn't know how to present it to a distributor. No worries. There's FILM MARKET TV, the new revolutionary approach for independent filmmakers to actually make money from their films. Yes, you heard that right ! Make money ! Just send us your trailer and we'll broadcast it onto our distributor friendly preview channel with 96 million potential viewers. That's right ! That's who's watching Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire and they're just a click away. Just think of the possibilities of broadcasting through this magical trifecta. So go ahead, submit and see how surprised your family will be when they open FILM MARKET TV and see your trailer ! Take back the power! It's yours !

Encouraged genres are:
Horror, sci-fi, romance, fantasy, adventure, action, comedy, experimental, animation, family/kids, musicals, foreign, thriller, documentary.

Viewers textvote their nominees and award winners to be shown on June 28, 2020

Audiences will nominate their favorite trailers via text for the below categories:

Most Terrifying
Most Surreal
Most Thrilling
Most Vibrant
Most Romantic
Most Nerdy
Most Inspiring
Most Artistic
Most Philosophical
Most Cryptozoological
Most Actiony
Most Robotic
Most Extraterrestrial
Most Quantum
Most Poetic
Most Musical
Most Quiet
Most Comedic
Most Patient
Most Simple
Most Puzzling
Most Nature
Most Family
Most City
Most Rural
Most Documentation
Most Mockumentation
Most Historical
Most Mathematical
Most Athletic
Most Zombies

-Entries must be sent via Secure Online Screener.
-Trailers must be G - PG13.
-Trailers must not exceed 2.5 minutes with a 30 second bumper at the end of a video or still photo with your contact information (ex: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc...POSITIVELY !!! No personal phone numbers or email). This way distributors and sales agents can find you easily and safely.

*Your trailer is guaranteed to be televised unless it fails to meets the criteria established by the producers of FILM MARKET TV. If the event of an inappropriate submission, FILM MARKET TV will refund the full entrance fee.

We can't guarantee you'll sell your project through FILM MARKET TV, but if you do, you keep it. That's our 100% guarantee ! We're here for you, the filmmaker..

We accept trailers, old and new.

We'll notify the participants before May 8, 2020 if your trailer is selected to screen at the Domino Interactive Film Festival, June 24-28, 2020.

All trailers will remain active on FILM MARKET TV after the completion of the Domino IFF to maximize viewing visibility.