The newcomer and young talent supporting Filmfest Düsseldorf was founded in 2003 by a little group of students at the Institute of Media and Cultural Studies at Heinrich-Heine-University. Over the years Filmfest Düsseldorf has developed to one of the best known short film competitions in North Rhine-Westphalia. The number of visitors is constantly growing and since 2010 we receive entries from all over the world. There is no limitation in genre, instead we put a focus on newcomer and young talent support. We’re happy to celebrate our 17th edition this year!

As usual Filmfest Düsseldorf takes place during three days in mid-November, this year it's 20th - 22nd November.

Traditionally the entries compete for three awards plus one extra award the first time 2018:

**Grand Jury Award, worth 1000 euros**
**Audience Award for short film under 15min, worth 750 euros**
**Audience Award for short film over 15min, worth 750 euros**

1. The competition is open for all national and international newcomers. In order to guarantee the promotion of newcomers, the filmmaker may have only published up to five films by the time of submission! The submitted film has to be one of the aforementioned five films.

2. Published films means that they have been screened in public places (e.g. cinemas or festivals...) or on the internet. Please enclose complete filmography.

3. The running time must not exceed 30 minutes (excluding closing credits) and must not go below 3 minutes (excluding closing credits).

4. The film must have been published within the last two years (2017-2019).

5. Each contestant may only submit one film annually.

6. The submitted film version must include English subtitles.

7. The filmmaker agrees that the submitted copy of the film will be kept in an archive. If the film is not nominated for the festival program, the filmmaker may have his/her copy back. In order to do so, please enclose a stamped and addressed envelope.

8. The sender guarantees that the footage used in the film is their property or that they have permission to use it (e.g. GEMA, other collecting societies). Furthermore films that contain racist, pornographic, violent or any other unconstitutional material will not be accepted. The sender is liable for any form of violation.

9. The filmmaker agrees that if his or her film is nominated, it is shown at the Filmfest.

10. The filmmaker agrees with the publication of excerpts from their film in any available form in all kinds of media related to the Filmfest (max. 2 min.).

11. The filmmaker agrees that excerpts from their film, if nominated, may be included and shown as part of the official Filmfest Düsseldorf Trailer.

12. The filmmaker also agrees with the use of their film for educational purposes within the course “media and cultural studies” at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf.

13. In case of nomination we are happy to welcome the filmmaker(s) or cast and crew to our festival. If you are not able to attend to the festival we would like the filmmaker to provide a short video message for us to possibly include in our festival presentation. Unfortunately, Filmfest Düsseldorf e.V. is unable to pay any travel and accommodation fees. We would also appreciate receiving film poster material for possible decoration and display purposes.

There is no right of appeal.