The Florence International Film Festival - Indie is an annual event that takes place in the spring (March) each year. The festival serves as a platform to celebrate and showcase independent filmmaking. It aims to promote artistic expression and provide a space for filmmakers to share their unique visions and narratives with a diverse audience.

Throughout the festival, which spans four days, screenings are organized into distinct categories. These categories include animation, experimental films, documentaries, and genre-based films. This categorization allows attendees to explore a wide range of cinematic styles, themes, and storytelling techniques. Screening 2024 : 12-16 March at Parco Giardino Don Renzo Forconi with panel discussions.
30 Films will be selected from each submission rounds.

By focusing on independent filmmaking, the festival encourages innovation, creativity, and the exploration of new perspectives within the film industry. It provides a nurturing environment for emerging filmmakers to gain recognition, exchange ideas, and connect with fellow professionals and enthusiasts.

The 'Florence International Film Festival - Indie' symbolizes a vibrant and inclusive community of filmmakers, fostering a spirit of collaboration and artistic exploration while celebrating the diverse and dynamic world of independent cinema.

Panels Discussions
500$ Cash Prize

Best Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Documentary
Best Experimental
Best Animation
Best Music Video

1. Originality and Creativity: All films submitted to the ‘Florence International Film Festival - Indie’ must exhibit originality and showcase the creative vision of the filmmakers. Plagiarism or unauthorized use of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.
2. Independent Filmmaking: The festival focuses on promoting and supporting independent filmmaking. Films produced with significant involvement from major film studios or commercial entities are not eligible for submission.
3. Submission Guidelines: Filmmakers must adhere to the submission guidelines provided by the festival organizers. These guidelines may include specific requirements for film duration, format, and submission deadlines. Failure to comply with the guidelines may result in disqualification.
4. Respect for Diversity: The festival celebrates diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural background. Films that promote hate speech, discrimination, or offensive content will not be accepted.
5. Dates&Venue: festival reserve the right to change date and place of the event.
6. Non-Disclosure: Once a film is selected for the festival, filmmakers must agree to keep the selection confidential until the official festival program is announced. This ensures the element of surprise and excitement for the audience.
7. Respect for Copyright: Filmmakers are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions, licenses, and releases for any copyrighted material used in their films. The festival organizers will not be held liable for any copyright infringement committed by the filmmakers.

These rules aim to ensure a fair and inclusive environment for all participants, while upholding the integrity and vision of the Florence International Film Festival - Indie