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NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth)
Seattle, WA, United States
15 Years
Next Deadline: May 14, 2021
The Indie Gathering International Film Festival
Cleveland, OH, United States
26 Years
Final Deadline: May 15, 2021
Detroit SheTown Women's Film Festival
Detroit, Michigan, United States
4 Years
Next Deadline: May 17, 2021
South Carolina Underground Film Festival
Charleston, SC, United States
7 Years
Next Deadline: August 31, 2021
McMinnville Short Film Festival
McMinnville, OR, United States
11 Years
Next Deadline: September 1, 2021
"Hang on to Your Shorts!" Film Festival
Asbury Park, NJ, United States
8 Years
Next Deadline: August 5, 2021
The Thing In The Basement Horror Fest
Bremerton, WA, United States
2 Years
Final Deadline: May 31, 2021
Saint-Petersburg International Film Festival (SPIFF)
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
4 Years
Next Deadline: May 23, 2021
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