El Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios Alternativos (FICMA) busca fomentar y difundir la creación de cine y proyectos audiovisuales de calidad realizada con nuevas narrativas digitales y con nuevas tecnologías como smartphones, tablets, drones, cámaras GoPro, cámaras Dslr entre otras, así como técnicas creativas e innovadoras.

LA CUARTA EDICIÓN de FICMA, se celebrará del 27 al 30 de noviembre de 2019, en CDMX, teniendo como tema principal la narrativa transmedia.

La inscripción y participación de una película o proyecto supone la plena aceptación de las bases, condiciones y reglas del festival.

The International Film with Alternative Media Festival (FICMA by its acronym in Spanish) seeks to promote the creation of high quality films and audiovisual projects realized with new digital narratives and new technologies such as smartphones, tablets, drones, GoPro cameras, DSRL cameras, among others, as well as innovative and creative techniques.
FICMA’s fourth edition will be held from November 27 to 30th 2019 in Mexico City. This year’s theme is the “Transmedia storytelling”.

The registration and participation of any film or project implies the recognition of the terms and conditions of the festival.

The official award is the FICMA TROPHY and a digital certificate, as well as prizes in kind in some categories from our sponsors.

• The regular and median registration will start from May 1st to July 31st 2019, with a late registration extension from august 1st to 20th.
• The films in other language than Spanish are required to be subtitled either in Spanish.
• In case the selected projects cannot have Spanish subtitles, the festival will provide the service of subtitle. The cost will depend on the project and will be discussed with the participant via e-mail.
• National and International filmmakers are allowed to participate with films produced between 2017 and 2019.
• The registered films in all the categories must have been made with devices such as smartphones, tablets, action cameras, drones, DSLR cameras, Blackmagic pocket, Osmo, 360º cameras, Virtual reality and/or augmented reality technology, as well as other alternative and original techniques.
• Films and Projects created with Red One, Scarlet X, Epic, Arri Alexa, Sony f6, 35mm, 16mm, or any other professional camera will not be accepted.
• Registered movies will have to clearly define the type of the device, camera or creative media that were used for the film, proving it by sending photos, stills or backstage videos.


Global Guidelines
• Fiction Feature Film
• Fiction Short Film
• Documentary Feature Film
• Documentary Short Film
• Fiction Smartphone Short Film

New Digital Narratives
• Digital animation Short Film
• Experimental Short Film
• Online Short Film, fiction or documentary
• Virtual Reality, 360º video, Augmented Reality and mixed Short Films

New Media and Pop Culture
• Transmedia
• One minute short for social networks, fiction or documentary
• Webseries
• Mobile phone’s apps
• Videogames
• Music Video
• Digital Comic

Mexican productions created exclusively with smartphones, GoPro, DSLR cameras, drones, Blackmagic pocket and Osmo cameras.
Mexican Audiovisual Narrators
• Fictional Mexican Short film
• Mexican Documentary Short film
• Collegial Short film (Fiction or Documentary)

Note: Mexican producers willing to participate in full-length categories (fiction and documentary), animated short film, experimental short film, 360º, VR, AR, transmedia narrative projects or any other category, can register only if they fulfill the conditions on the allowed devices, specified in each category.

• The registration will start on May 1st 2019. We will receive the projects until July 31st 2019. Late registration extension will be accepted from August 1st to 20th 2019.
• International Registrations in May and June will be free. Starting on July 1st 2019, a late fee registration of $00.00 USD will be charged for international full-length films and $0.00 USD for international short films.
• From August 1st to 15th the fees will be raised to $6.00 USD for short films and $12.00 USD for full-length films (late registration extension).
• Mexican categories will be free until July 31st. After this date, a fee of $6.00 USD will be charged per project. No exemptions.
• The online category registration will be free in all dealines.
• Categories under New Media and Pop Culture will have free registration from May 1st to June 30th. A fee of $0.00 USD will be charged from July 1st to 31st in all categories. Late registration fee from August 1st to 18th will be of $5.00 USD per project.
• ONLINE CATEGORIES: Participants in these categories must accept that their short films and projects will only be broadcasted in the festival website and social media, understanding that they are not allowed to withdraw their films once they are selected. The online categories registration will be free and it will end on July 31st.
• The participants will only register and pay their fees through the FILMFREEWAY platform, in which it is mandatory to have the download option active with a link and a password.
• The viewing and downloading format is MP4 1920 x 1080 full HD WITHOUT WATERMARK, or the best quality that their device or camera allows. Physical copies will not be accepted.
• Participants can register one or more films or projects in all categories. There is no limit on the amount of projects registered per participant.
• Advertising spots, corporate or governmental videos are not allowed.
• Once the project and/or film is registered and selected for its screening in the festival, such films and projects will be part of the selection for the FICMA 2019 screening and it will not be removed or cancelled form the final program.
• It is mandatory that the participants deliver a digital press kit containing the film stills, a director’s photo, a film poster, photographs of the production, all with 300dpi, in jpg or tiff format; and a trailer (optional) in the FILMFREEWAY platform, where the material can be downloaded.
• In case of any question, please send an email to: info@ficmafest.org

• The organizing committee will evaluate the registered films and will choose the best projects in each category to form the official selection and final contests of FICMA 2019.
• In order to select the projects and films, the committee will evaluate the content taking into account the production (script, film directing, photography, edition, image quality), the devices used to create the film, the use of alternative technologies, creativity and innovation.
• The participants registering a film must be the authors of the work and owners of the moral and property rights. The participants must demarcate the Festival from any responsibility before any possible claim of copyright from a third party.
• The films selected to be part of the official selection will become part of the FICMA video library, which will be promoted exclusively with artistic and cultural purposes.
• The official selection results will be announced on October 22th 2019 on the Festival’s digital platforms and social media. The selected participants will be notified by e-mail.
• The organizers will use fragments of the movies to promote the festival.
• The films being part of the official selection will be part of an itinerant exhibition and film season in agreement with other festivals and institutions.
• The festival will not pay for the exhibition rights of the participant films during neither the official selection nor the competence.
• The organizing committee will set the exhibition schedule in the different venues of the festival.

• The jury will consist of professionals in the cinematography, culture and technology industry, and their decision will not be subject to appeal.
• The winners in the different categories and the honorable mentions will be announced on the last day of the Festival, during the closing ceremony and through the Festival’s website and social media. These participants will also be notified by e-mail.
• The FICMA committee and organizing members will not be part of the jury and are not allowed to participate.
• The official FICMA awards consist in: a national and international award with a printed and digital certificate, as well as prizes given by our sponsors in some categories, which will be announced through the Festival’s website and social media.
• The Festival has the right to award with an honorable mention those projects and films that are considered worthy.

The registration and participation of a film implies the full recognition and acceptance of this terms and conditions.

The organizing committee will resolve any unexpected matter in this open call. For further information please send an email to: info@ficmafest.org

***Para consultar la version completa en español de la convocatoria puedes hacero en la pagina del festival:

*** To check the full Spanish version of the call you can do on the festival's website:

Overall Rating
  • Capucine Tavoillot

    Amazing festival!! Great communication and organization.

    January 2020
  • A wonderful festival!
    They were very cordial and attentive.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate!

    January 2020
  • Ivo Neefjes

    FICMA was amazing. I met a lot of interesting directors through the festival and got to know some really great projects. The festival team was very nice to communicate with. Our film "Het Spektakel" won the price for best short film on smartphone in 2019. The prizes, that we received were really helpful in preparing our next film project. Overall, I thus highly recommend submitting to FICMA.

    December 2019
  • Karina Guzman

    Estupendo Festival, gran fortuna participar en la selección oficial. Sin duda una inigualable experiencia.

    December 2019
  • Juan F Segura

    Es un festival VIVO; no solo es seleccionar proyectos premiar a los mejores, detrás hay grandiosos espacios de exhibición, una comunidad que comparte el amor al cine y a la tecnología, y una curaduría que da la oportunidad de presentar cosas diferentes. ¡Ojalá que siga creciendo!

    December 2019