A look at the past to remind Marcellino de Baggis, his works, his professional commitment.

A dip in the present and in the future to grow and spread, with our commitment, the documentary film culture.
Our festival aims to bring people and artists to Taranto and make them aware of the history and beauty of this area.
A festival is always a tribute to the beauty and an act of generosity.
Our festival deals with documentary films, an art form that investigates reality and humanity.
Cinema is curious and curiosity is life.
This was the content of the works that Marcellino filmed around the world and that the Festival (born in 2013) collected and showed through the works of many Italian and foreign directors.
This small observatory has brought the public closer to documentary filmmaking with curiosity and simplicity.
In the first two editions, we received 220 movies with a short list of forty of them.
A significant number, especially for a newborn small festival, in an area that seems to have lost the movie vocation.
This third edition, which will take place in May 2017, strengthens the previous structure presenting two innovations.
First, the competition reserved for schools, a special section in addition to the two traditional ( "Mystery" for Italian first works and "New Horizons" for international movies).
The second, a jury made up of students who will join, in autonomy, the official one made up of industry professionals.
Two changes aimed at involving new generations.
There are many stories that deserve to be told and in the International Festival of Documentary Cinema Marcellino de Baggis we look forward to presenting them to you.

Work in progress

Official Rules
1 - Location and dates:
Taranto, Puglia - ITALY, May 4/7 2017
2 - Objectives
The Festival aims to enhance and promote diffusion, knowledge and enjoyment of the international documentary film.
3 - Admission
Only documentary film. Any duration. Deadline: 01/15/2017 (extension to 01/31/2017)

To be eligible, applicants must send:
a synopsis, max 300 words in English and the native language of each author
bio-essential filmography of each director in max 300 words (no CV).
Pictures in digital format (JPEG or TIFF print resolution 300 dpi or better)
Posters, flyers, press kits and other promotional documents if possible

The list of all the selected works (semi-finalist) will be published on the site www.marcellinodebaggis.it on the notification date, the list of finalist one month before the start date.
The selected films already included in the program of the festival can not be withdrawn.

5 - Sections of Festival
The Festival is divided into the following sections: Italian competition for debut documentary "MYSTERY" and international competition documentary "NEW HORIZONS"
A - Italian competition documentary "MYSTERY"
dedicated to first Italian of any duration and genre.
B - international competition of documentaries "NEW HORIZONS"
reserved for Italian and international works of any length and genre.
6 - Requirements for participation in the Competition will be evaluated by the Artistic Jury in any language, and if you are using a language other than English, it requires a subtitling in Italian or English.
7 - Screening formats
The selected works will be screened only on DVD and DVCAM with subtitles in Italian. The artistic director will evaluate other formats.
8 - Selections, jury, prizes and registration
The selection of films is done by and at the discretion of the Festival Jury.
The admission notice will be given by mail. We will also publish the data on the website of the Festival.
The Festival will appoint a jury, composed of not less than three members who will judge and award the prizes during the last day of programming. Among the works finalists who will participate in the competitions will be awarded:
Best Documentary for the international section
Best Documentary for the section first unpublished works
Special Mention of the Jury and the Artistic Direction.
The award for Best documentary may not be awarded ex aequo.
Cash prizes and / or services will be delivered only in the presence of the author awarded or an official representative.
Authors, producers and distributors of documentaries awarded 3rd Prize Marcellino De Baggis - International Film Festival Documentary, must indicate in the opening credits, promotional materials and press and on any official websites the logo of the festival and the premium received.
We can not currently determine the exact amount of total prize money: any news about it will be announced on the website of the Festival.
The evaluations of the jury are indisputable.
9 - Archive of the Festival
Copies will not be returned but will be kept for the exclusive purpose of study in the Archives of Onlus Marcellino de Baggis. Also, the Artistic Director reserves the right to use the archived material for promotional purposes, not for profit.
With the request for participation the author and / or persons entitled to authorize the use of the work submitted to the Festival screenings, for purposes of study and for festivals, the sole purpose of promote the event (excluding the airing on television stations).
Also, authorize the use of part of the work submitted (max. 10%) to promote the festival on television networks.
If there are any obstacles to granting such authorization, please specify at the time of the request for participation.
For any other uses will request authorization to those eligible.
10 - General
Applications for membership in the Festival imply unconditional acceptance of these Regulations.
Each author is responsible for the content of their works.
The notices of competition and entry forms are available at the Festival office or on the website: www.marcellinodebaggis.it

The Festival reserves the right to postpone, suspend or modify the event and the right of final decision on all matters not specified in this Regulation. It finally has the final judgment on doubtful cases.
For legal disputes, the competent Court of Taranto.
The data will be processed in accordance with the Legislative Decree 196/03 and subsequent amendments and additions.

Overall Rating
  • Lam Can-zhao

    Wonderful festival, with the true independent spirit. Thank-you for programming my film.

    December 2018
  • Marcella Piccinini

    Il festival è stato molto interessante

    November 2017
  • It has been a great experience to be selected and to attend the Festival! A Festival with quality programming and good organization. A Festival that appreciates and loves independent cinema and author cinema! Much success!!

    May 2017
  • Luca Gorreri

    La mia esperienza al festival Premio Marcellino De Baggis #marcellino17 si può condensare in un'unica, grande sensazione di amicizia, di vicinanza. È come se fossi ritornato da amici di vecchia data. Sono stato accolto come un membro di famiglia, della grande e unica famiglia De Baggis che comprende tutti noi autori ed artisti che condividono la stessa grande passione di Marcellino: il cinema e il documentario.
    Grazie a Marcello e sua moglie, Mafe, Rossana, Leonardo, Andrea, Guido, tutto lo staff, il fotografo e il video operatore, la giuria, Michele, Francesca. Grazie al pubblico che ha visto il mio film, grazie ai registi che ho conosciuto e grazie al pubblico che ha seguito un grande, grande festival. Non vi dimenticherò mai.

    My experience at the festival Marcellino De Baggis # marcelino17 award can be condensed into a single, great feeling of friendship and closeness. It's as if I returned to old friends. I was welcomed as a family member, the great and unique De Baggis family, which includes all of us authors and artists who share the same great passion as Marcellino: cinema and documentary.
    Thanks to Marcello and his wife, Mafe, Rossana, Leonardo, Andrea, Guido, all the staff, the photographer and the video operator, the jury, Michele, Francesca. Thanks to the audience who saw my movie, thanks to the directors I met and thanks to the audience who followed a great, great festival. I will never forget you.

    May 2017
  • Mazin Sherabayani

    Great to take apart in your great festivals, Thanks

    May 2017