Join us for our 12th year as we "celebrate the storytellers of tomorrow!" We market to industry pros and get movies reviewed and discussed in the media and on social media!

The SoCaL Film Festival has award winning movies and screenplays; industry speakers; professional workshops; Q&As with directors and actors; special guests; a distinguished panel of jury members and screeners; volunteer opportunities; and scores of film watching attendees.

Open Genre. Open Form. Our goal is to exhibit well made projects regardless of genre, length or style.

"As festivals go, think of it as the equivalent of a Robert Altman ensemble picture: plenty of stars getting equal treatment and no one towering as a headliner over the rest." Michael Miller, LA Times

" Every year for a decade now, the festival has delivered music videos, short films, animation, features and documentaries. This event is the perfect combination of good people, good films ..." -Paul Booth, INFLUX Magazine

"Time flies when you're watching a well-made film, and time has flown for a now 10-year-old Huntington Beach festival that specializes in indie flicks and the people who make them." -Matt Coker, OC Weekly

"Throughout the years I really enjoyed the diverse and compelling films the SoCal Film Festival has programmed," Jason Kartalian, Filmmaker, Seahorses

Awards & Prizes


InkTip: Where everyone goes for scripts and writers. Producers have made more than 200 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip.

Winners of the Screenplay Long From and Screenplay Short Form categories will receive an InkTip Script Listing: A listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you.

Final Draft

We are happy to announce that Final Draft Screenwriting Software will join us once again as a 2017 sponsor! This means we will be giving away five copies of the industry standard screenwriting software in our 2017 film festival.


We’re very pleased to announce that we’re partnering with the International Screenwriters’ Association. If you’re a member of this great organization, you get a discounted rate on your submissions to SoCal.

The ISA is an International Community that supports writers with the resources and prospects that can propel your career! They provide screenwriters access to Agents, Managers, Producers & Directors

Other awards include theatrical screenings, distributor previews, media reviews and more. Awards and prizes vary from year to year depending on final event sponsorship.

Rules & Terms


I. Certification of Film or Screenplay Entrant
II. Film Submissions
III. Screenplay Submissions
IV. General Waiver Rules and Guidelines

II. Certification of Film or Screenplay Entrant:

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree as follows:

1. I have read, understand and fully comply with all submission eligibility information, Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions of Entry and Entry Eligibility requirements.

2. To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this document are true;

3. This production (feature, short, documentary, or other media) is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation;

4. I am duly authorized to submit this production to the competition;

5. I hold The SoCal Independent Film Festival (SCIFF) harmless from any damage to the print(s) or tape(s) or media en route or otherwise during the course of the festivals possession of the film;

6. I hold the SoCal Independent Film Festival (SCIFF), SoCal Entertainment & Media Company, its management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from my entry.

8. I certify that I have full rights to the use of the music in the production.

9. I give permission for the SCIFF to use excerpts of up to three minutes of the production for promotional purposes, unless otherwise noted in attached writing and submitted with entry.

10. I give permission for the SCIFF to use stills, titles, copy, and/or information from the production for promotional purposes.

11. I give permission for the SCIFF to screen the production at the SCIFF event.

12. Submitter must own all copyrights; (If requested) must be able to provide model/actor release verification if requested; must be able to provide music, product and other copyright licensing verification if requested. Submitter/Producer agrees to take on all copyright liability in regard to submitted film.

13. I give my permission for the SCIFF to share my film and contact information with SCIFF festival partners unless I specify otherwise.

15. Entry does not guarantee acceptance into SCIFF festival or other SCIFF events.


1. SUBMISSION FORMAT: All Festival submissions should be sent on either DVD (NTSC or PAL Format only); or submitted through FilmFreeway as an online screener; or as a digital file uploaded to the SoCal or sent on a data disk. DVDs and paper cases (rather than jewel cases or amaray cases) are preferred with the title and FilmFreeway Entry Number clearly printed on the DVD itself. We do not return entries.

2. SUBMISSION LENGTH AND GENRE: The SCIFF is open genre; meaning we accept all forms and genres that would be deemed within a G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17 rating by SCIFF staff. We do not accept pornographic entertainment. Short form submissions are under forty (40) minutes. Long form (feature length) submissions are forty (40) minutes and over.

3. Submissions WILL NOT be returned.

4. MULTIPLE ENTRIES are allowed.

5. PRODUCER / FILMMAKER / COPYRIGHTS: submitter (filmmaker or producer) will be referred to as producer or submitter. Producer must own all copyrights; must be able to provide model/actor release verification if requested; must be able to provide music, product and other copyright licensing verification if requested. Producer agrees to take on all copyright liability in regard to submitted film.

6. SUBMISSION DEADLINES: Submissions with postmarks prior to and after these will not qualify for entry into the festival. Entrants are expect to enter by the deadline with assets (including screening copy and fees) to be received within 5 business days following the deadline.

7. ENTRY FEES: View the "Call for Entries" to note fees and deadlines. Entry fees are non-refundable. If your entry fee is not received with or prior to your submission, your entry may be deemed disqualified at the discretion of the SoCal.

8. ORIGINATING FORMAT: Film, digital and new media originating formats are accepted for submission.

9. PRESENTATION FORMAT: If accepted into the SoCal Film Festival, producers must be able to provide, at the minimum, a DVD (NTSC) for digital presentation. Other formats may be permitted.

10. DATE OF COMPLETION: Not specified.

11. PREMIERE/DISTRIBUTION STATUS: We accept submissions that have premiered elsewhere; submissions may have distribution agreements already in place. However, TV, theatrical, video, cable, pay-per-view, other festival, or other distribution outlets that run concurrently or in the same month of the festival may not be eligible for screening. Decisions made at SCIFF discretion.

12. LOSS OR DAMAGE: Every precaution will be taken to prevent or loss or damage to materials while in the possession of the festival. However, Producer agrees to release the SCIFF from responsibility should any materials be damaged while in transit to or from, or while in the possession of the SCIFF.

13. ROUGH CUTS AND INCOMPLETE PROJECTS: Always try to send the best representation of your project. Rough cuts can be entered in contest, but must be completed and received with four weeks of festival start date.

14. SCIFF MARKETING: By submitting producer is consenting for use and copying of accepted projects for the purpose of promoting the SoCal Independent Film Festival and future festivals. Producer is giving SCIFF permission to use up to three minutes of submission to promote the festival.

14a. SCIFF JURY AND MEDIA COPIES: If selected as an Official Selection, Producer may be asked to provide 5-10 DVDs, or will allow the SCIFF to make the necessary copies, to make submission available to SCIFF jury members and to media.

15a. SCIFF EXHIBITION AND SCREENING: By submitting to the festival, if chosen as an official selection, Producer is hereby granting permission for the SoCal to exhibit Producer's submission in the SoCal festival event.

15b. SCIFF EXHIBITION AND SCREENING: By submitting, Producer acknowledges that the number of films the festival selects and exhibits may vary from year-to-year based on, but not limited to, total number of entries, quality of entries, final sponsorship revenue, and venue availability. Decisions are final and at the discretion of the SCIFF.

15c. SCIFF EXHIBITION AND SCREENING: Producer further understands that there is no monetary compensation for entering, exhibiting or being chosen as an official selection to the festival.

16. SCREENERS AND JURY: All screening, selection, and jury decisions are final. Our panel of jurors and our screening committee use a rating system on entries and official selections. They screen many fine films; however, as with all festivals there is limited programming availability. By entering the SoCal and any of its contests, Producers are verifying that you understand entry does not guarantee a screening. Additionally, being chosen as an Official Selection does not guarantee a screening in the theater either. The SCIFF may have Official Selections (non-screening) as well as Official Selections (screening). Decisions are final and at the discretion of the SCIFF.

17. OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: If chosen as an official selection, the SCIFF will request acknowledgment of your acceptance and additional materials. If any of the requested materials are not received by the festival in the time allotted, it is at the discretion of the festival to keep or remove the project as an Official Selection.

18. QUALIFIERS: Entrants must adhere to the category requirements as outlined on the SCIFF website.

III. SCREENPLAYS (any length)

1. Eligibility:
a. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter this competition.
b. entered script must not be or previously been optioned, sold, or produced by a studio on a large budget. We do accept scripts that have been produced if the writer was involved in making an independent production. Projects in question will be deemed eligible at the discretion of the SCIFF.

2. Rules:
a. Any genre can be entered.
b. Screenplay must be original work of the author or authors.
c. Multiple authorship is allowed.
d. Multiple entries are allowed, but each entry must be accompanied by their own completed entry form and their own appropriate entry fee. You are allowed to mail them to us in one package.
e. No corrected pages or additional pages will be accepted after the screenplay has been entered. PLEASE be sure you double check your screenplay for errors, blank pages, etc., before mailing them to us.

3. Script Guidelines:
a. Submitted Scripts MUST be in English.
b. Do not send originals as scripts will not be returned.
c. Printed Scripts must be in industry standard format and bound with 2 or 3 brads.
d. Body pages must be correctly numbered.
e. Script title page should clearly provide the title of the screenplay and the FilmFreeway Tracking Number. Writer's name is optional.
f. Must be on white paper.
g. Covers must be card stock.
h. We do accept and prefer .PDF, Microsoft Word, Final Draft, and TEXT documents. Electronic submission in one of these formats is preferred.
i. Script Length: Any
j. Failure to comply with the guidelines, rules, regulations, or eligibility may be cause for disqualification.

For Complete and Current Rules, please visit as it is the expectation that all entrants adhere to the most recent set of rules and terms as posted on our website.

4 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Adam Pitzler

    The festival head "Guy," does a wonderful job of making sure that everyone knows what's going on, and that all the loose ends have been accounted for. The festival has great taste in films, and offers a stage for filmmakers based solely on the merits of their work. The schedule was tight, the venue was excellent, and I met a lot of cool people. I would recommend this festival to anyone who enjoys film.

    February 2017
    2015 film freeway
    Response from festival:

    Thanks so much, Adam! It was so great to meet you--thank you again for being a part of our festival!

  • false
    Russell Emanuel

    As a Huntington Beach native, I really have enjoyed the SoCal Film Festival over the years. Each year keeps getting better and better, and I look forward to the years to come!

    February 2017
    2015 film freeway
    Response from festival:

    Thanks so much, Russ! And thank you for sharing your work with us!

  • false
    Jeffrey Howe

    Can't say enough nice things about Guy and the rest of the staff at the SoCal FF. They worked hard to make the filmmakers and screenwriters (like me) feel welcome, and the festival gathered a broad variety of domestic and international titles. The seminar sessions I attended were solid too.

    October 2016
    2015 film freeway
    Response from festival:

    Thanks, Jeff! And thanks for sharing your work with us. It was great to meet you and we're glad you enjoyed the fest. Hope to see you again soon!

  • false
    Matt Edwards

    Really enjoyed being invited to SoCal with my project WIGS. Guy Davis was very hospitable and communicated great, not only with me, but with all the other filmmakers I saw him engage with. Made a few local connections and enjoyed the real indie atmosphere.

    June 2016