Join us for our 10th Season as we continue our efforts to champion the independent artists. This 10th season coincides with a 20-year celebration of INFLUX Magazine as well!

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards are a celebration of the independent filmmaker and storyteller. At its conclusion, we honor a selection of projects with a front page story, reviews, interviews, and a collection of INFLUX Magazine Awards! We will also formally announce the winners on our YouTube channel with more than 4 million views.

Enter all lengths of movies and screenplays (shorts or features), all forms (documentary, narrative, web, TV, new media, etc.), all genres (comedy, horror, action, drama, family, romance, animation).

We have been a leading independent magazine in the entertainment industry since 1997. The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards are our effort to champion independent artists from around the world.

Awards & Prizes

All official selections receive exposure on our website and promotional laurels.

Select winners will receive a combination of:

- Best in Show will receive the INFLUX Magazine Film Awards statuette;
- Additional statuettes available for purchase for main categories as well as sub-categories;
- An INFLUX review highlighted on our homepage for four weeks;
- Inclusion in a feature article listing official selections and winners;
- A printable Award for your category;
- Inclusion in our public announcement on our YouTube channel.

Rules & Terms

We keep it simple:

- The submitter must be directly involved (producer, director, screenwriter) with the project or legally authorized to represent the project submitted;
- All projects must enter at least one Main Category before entering a Sub-Category. If an entrant only enters a Sub-Category, the submission will be automatically disqualified without a refund;
- All commercial/private property including all trademark, copyrighted materials shown or recorded on the project is the responsibility of the filmmaker. Influx Magazine will NOT take responsibility for any infringement of copy-written materials;
- All submissions must be submitted via digital screener (Vimeo, FilmFreeway, other screening service; or for screenplays -- PDFs, Word Docs or Final Draft files). We DO NOT accept physical submissions (DVD, Blu-Ray, printed scripts etc);
- Award categories are decided at the discretion of INFLUX Magazine and may be subject to change;
- All reviews and decisions are final;
- We do not accept pornographic material.
- We do watch your movie/screenplay in its entirety and give it an honest, thoughtful review;
- We do not guarantee a positive review if your project is reviewed as part of the INFLUX Magazine Film Awards or reviewed independently;
- We do guarantee a section of the review focusing entirely on positive elements of your movie if reviewed for the INFLUX Magazine Film Awards;
- We do not do any type of public exhibition or display of your movie other than a trailer or approved promotional clips, so your movie will still qualify as a premiere in any festival you choose to submit to.