Cine Pobre is a self-funded filmmaking genre without a set of stylistic criteria nor format boundaries, involving many geographically separated creators with at least two things in common: a strong desire to tell their story and to do so with their own resources.

Cine Pobre builds bridges based on the belief that film becomes art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper. Since 2002 the 100% cartel-free intersection of culture and capabilities curating the world's best self-funded films.

Awards & Prizes

collaborative event offering co- and post-production

Cine Pobre is a collaborative venue and not a contest where filmmakers receive trinkets. We invite filmmakers to produce self funded films telling stories we bet on becoming resonant cultural contributions instead of focusing on orotund social components.
Cine Pobre helps turn little ripples into big waves.

Rules & Terms

We only accept self funded films under $50,000 usd

the percentage of budget and it's source.

We have added a category for STUDENT FILMS and Film Schools.

6 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Pascal GĂ©linas

    My film A Bridge Between Two Worlds was shown late night open air on the Bay of La Paz. I would have liked so much to be there, sipping a tequila. But being "pobre" like my film, I couldn't afford the trip. Right from the start, the communication with the organizers was constant. They were even patient enough to wait for my spanish version before screening the film. A rich festival for poor films. Muchas Gratias.

    December 2016
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    Patrick Green

    Although we couldn't attend the Cine Pobre Film Festival we had a favorable experience that I would recommend to any filmmaker. The communication was top notch, instructions were detailed and we got feedback from the screening. Will definitely be back with the next one and hope to attend this time!

    December 2016
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    Dilani Rabindran

    We are unable to attend the festival this year where our short film "Lakshmi" is playing, but we are thrilled to be selected by Cine Pobre! Their communication with us & overall organization of things has been great!! They have a stellar team running a smooth ship!

    December 2016
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    JP O'Brien

    SCAM Alert! I'm happy to be proven wrong but at this stage it looks like this Festival is charging submission fees, claiming it's a Film Festival with 'Live Screenings', when it is anything but.

    * Why are there ZERO photos of ANY screenings to be found - anywhere?
    * Why are there revolving submissions and selections (hundreds upon hundreds of them)?
    * Why does it have a very similar name to an established Film Festival in Cuba?
    * Why is the organiser reluctant to give specific screening details?

    It looks to me that they're simply rotating the trailers of 'selected films' through their website for financial gain.


    December 2016
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    Amy Bassin and Mark Blickley

    We really enjoyed participating in this festival. The organizers are a dream.

    October 2016