An evening of short horror, fantasy, sci-fi, suspense or just Weird films, hosted twice a year.

Rules & Terms

We don't care how old the film is, or if it's on the internet.
Under 10 minutes has the best chance; 25 minutes maximum.

No extreme gore/profanity/graphic sex (audience may include children).
This does not mean no blood or grim topics! lists past programs.

Provide online screener (with password if needed), genre, and short synopsis.
Please provide English subtitles if the dialog is not in English.
You must own rights to music & any stock media in your film.

If we choose your film, we'll need a digital file (mov, mp4, etc.).
Feedback: none by default, but may be offered spontaneously.
You needn't submit the same film twice, past submissions are kept for consideration.