Amateur Film Festival WIPE is created to give viewers the opportunity to watch films of different genres made by non-professionals, who in turn will be able to meet with their audience.

The word “amateur” comes from the Latin word “amo”, “to love”, and that love for cinema is at the heart of all the works that we show in our film festival. This love not only replaces the film-education for their authors, but also exempts them from all sorts of boundaries, which an education creates. So the amateur films for us is not a conceptual format of the film festival. It is a search for the new film language, which can exist just outside of industrial schemes of production and distribution.

Rules & Terms

Like in the past year, when we did the first edition of WIPE, the only requirement for the participants - NO FILM EDUCATION. Genre, format, duration and other formal and technical characteristics are not important.

The best works in the categories of “Film”, “Director”, “Screenplay”, “Actor” and “Actress” will be awarded prizes. Last year we had a supporters like CyberLink, Final Draft and Our/Berlin, who provided us as a prizes the software for film editing, software for screen-play writing and vodka respectively.

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    Marc Matthews

    My film "Silent Woods" was screened in Berlin, unfortunately I didn't make it over from Ireland due to financial reasons. I would've loved to have met all the other film makers and watch their films. Arto, the Festival Director, was a pleasure to communicate with and I would encourage anyone to submit to WIPE. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

    March 2017
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    Anthony Donovan

    I loved being in Berlin, and actually very much enjoyed Arto and those who helped him make this all happen, especially Mathias. They cooked food, had drinks, the atmosphere was very rustic and in a way perfect for this. There was a wide range of films. I was moved by a number of the other films and directors/film makers. Arto knows where things can be tweaked for next time. good. I know next year will be even better, but for me this year was a thrill, and a sense of wider, universal, true community. I feel very thankful.
    My film is 3.5 hours long, and I was touched that anyone would show it .... but touched to know and meet folks who felt it important enough and worth the time. That is deeply meaningful to me, and to all those within this film. Thank you WIPE! and all who contributed! Bless and keep you all. Stay warm, keep that flame warm and shining within your hearts.

    November 2016
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    Alice Stearns

    A great theme for a film festival!

    November 2016
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    I participated at the WIPE festival along with some other directors from Finland, USA, Germany, GB... I was happy to be able to establish contacts with others. The film selection was very good, with some really great films and I am proud to be part of it. One more proof that real art is created independently. However, the venue was not adequate for screening. Cold and too much light from the outside. This is the only major drawback of the festival. I know that this is the first Arto's festival and he can be forgiven. He was very friendly and doing his best to make everybody feel at home, and I hope that he will keep up beacuse his selection of films was excellent.

    November 2016
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    sean brown

    I wasn't able to attend but Arto was very responsive and the festival sounded like it was very successful! I appreciate being invited to participate and hope to be a part of the program again! WIPE is a great opportunity to screen your film in an international festival!

    November 2016