The International WAMMFest (Women And Minorities in Media Festival) celebrates and encourages diversity in media production, audio, video, animation, and film by student and professional media makers. We promote diversity in media production through our call and festival.

We are excited to announce the annual call for short audio and video works for the 10th(!!) International WAMMFest, Women And Minorities in Media Festival. To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we're kicking off this year's call for works with 10 days of no entry fees!

All works entered must either be created with a women and/or minority in a key creative role (video: writer, producer, or director; audio: writer, producer, engineer, or mixer) or of interest to women and/or minorities.

The works entered into WAMMFest will be juried with the official selections and winners playing during the 10th WAMMFest with tentative dates of April 19-22, 2017.

This year, preference will be given to fictional and non-fictional stories that feature the everyday lives of women and/or minorities (including LGBT) that feature three dimensional, well-formed characters.

We also have two new categories - LGBT (which can be entered as its own category, or LGBT films can be submitted through a different category as well that the artist might find more appropriate, such as Comedy or Animation), and Virtual Reality.

The festival primarily takes place on a university campus (Towson University). We have a very high bar for officially selected films and media. Last year, we had a record-breaking 1100 entries, with only 57 chosen as Official Selections. Each year, the selected entries have a higher threshold to surpass, and in our tenth year, the bar is going to be even higher.

For more information: or email

Awards & Prizes

Honorariums for attending media makers

We do everything we can to get as many of the Official Selection film and media makers to WAMMFest as possible. We feel this deepens the discussion and impact of the film on the audience and filmmaker and creates networking opportunities for everybody involved.

For a limited number of Official Selection filmmakers, WAMMFest is pleased to offer travel reimbursement (up to $300), small honorariums, festival passes, and possibly free or reduced price hotel rooms on campus.

Rules & Terms

Entries must be 20 minutes or less (category dependent).

All works need to either be created with a woman and/or minority in a key creative role (video: director, writer, producer) or the subject matter needs to be of interest to women and/or minorities. Preference given to entries by women and/or minorities.

Works entered with no entry fee and/or do not fit the mission of the festival have no guarantee of being watched in its entirety during the screening process.

All entries must be submitted digitally through FilmFreeway or otherwise online.

3 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Rakesh Baruah

    Amazing people amazing fest. Such a pleasure to work and coordinate with. Transpo to location from nyc can be cumbersome/pricey, BUT staff very helpful addressing needs.

    April 2017
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    Yasmin Mistry

    This was one of our favorite film festival experiences so far. We were blown away by the quality of the films at this festival and honored to be amongst them. The festival provided filmmakers with a travel stipend as well as free food and lodging, and we had the opportunity to get to know the other filmmakers as well as university students and the festival organizers. We will definitely submit here again in the future.

    May 2016
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    Manfred Lopez

    Let me start off by saying what a great little festival. I was completely surprised by their hospitality and the quality of their selection process. Their team actually viewed ALL of the over 1,450 entries they received for the 2016 edition, and carefully curated their program with a selection of 57 short films from all around the world. That's a strict 3.9% acceptance rate!

    But what sets this university festival truly apart is that they also invited all filmmakers to attend the festival in person and offered us lodging (Marriott), traveling reimbursement, food stipend and an actual speaking fee for participating in a panel. This is practically unheard of for a University festival. I have no doubt they will continue to grow.

    The only small constructive criticism I can offer is that the Hors d'oeuvres were a bit too vegetarian-friendly for my taste (the head organizer is vegetarian), that they didn’t have coffee ready for one particular infamous 10AM Saturday-morning screening (the horror!), and that the audience voting tabulation wasn't finished during the festival itself and apparently wasn't posted online either. But these are small quibbles. I would definitely recommend people to attend this festival if accepted.

    May 2016