A festival dedicated to the human rights.

Born in the creative brains of Film, TV and Production and Marketing professionals, the originally US based Views of the World Festival’s primary goal is to present films, scripts & film scores which have the power to raise awareness about vital social issues and inspiring audiences to take positive action as stated in our Mission Statement.

The beautiful city of Montréal will be the home of the Views of the World Film and Music Festival. In 2017, it will be from September 18th to 24th.

From World Premiere to Awards ceremonies, from screenings to fruitful networking, from fierce competitions driven by international jurors to bright keynote speakers, opportunities to fulfill your needs to better understand and be part of the ultimate trends in movies making are numerous.

By participating in the Views of the World Festival, all attendees will get exposure to the world of scriptwriting, feature films and writing music for scores on an international level, enjoying a forum to share knowledge, experience and talents with peers as well as an opportunity to network with international professional movers and shakers.

A market is set to take place during the Festival including Master-classes and conferences.

Awards & Prizes

In Competition
Best Film
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Documentary
Best Short Film
Best 1st Film
Best Music

Rules & Terms


The competition is open to Theatrical films, TV Movies, Scripts, Music and New Media productions. Entrants can be individuals, film studios, production companies, distributors, multi-media producers and streamers, (Internet streaming sites).
Only organizations or individuals that own the copyright to the production or program can enter it in the competition. The Entry Form must be completed on the website together with the requested related materials requested.
Co-production partners should avoid duplicate entries and discuss which organization will be the entrant. No entry fees will be reimbursed in case of duplicate entries due to lack of consultation between the partners.

Fees and deadlines

All entries, regardless of the submissions category become eligible once a US$50 fee, (US$35 for Students), is received by the selection committee on time before the closing date of June 30 2016. The selection committee will accept late entries until July 31 for a fee of US$75, (US$50 for Students). A late, late entry until August 15, 2016 for a $100 fee per submission was exceptionally added.
All submissions and payments methods are detailed on the Entry Form.
The number of entries submitted by one person or one company is limited to 10 entries.


All entries not in English or in French language should be subtitled in English or French.


All entries must be submitted through the partnering platforms. Additional platforms may be added later.

Applicants must complete a separate Entry Form for each program entered. The selection committee reserves the right to edit the information supplied, for promotional purposes. Applicants must write a 75 words maximum synopsis for the entry, list the cast and the credits and upload at least 5 JPEG or GIF digital images (800 X 600 pixels) with the Entry Form, (Pictures showing lead actor and actress and production site are preferred). These images will be used for the Festival Catalogue and its official website for promotional purposes only.

Entrants must provide teasers or promotional clips with their entries.

Rights Clearance

The selection committee may use selected programs for promotional screenings during the Festival.

Jury & Awards

The selection committee reserves the right to decide the eligibility and the applicable category for each entry. A team of experts will screen all entries and decide the list of selected entries, to be announced end of August 2016.
The selection committee will decide on the films, scripts and music in final competition.
Three prestigious international juries, one for films, one for scripts and one for music, will be appointed by Festival. They will select the winners. No jury member will have a production or commercial relation with any selected entry.
All decisions of the international juries are final. The juries may recognize more than one winner for any given award or reserve the right to decide no winner for any particular award
All winners will be revealed at the Awards Closing Ceremony and will receive a trophy and a certificate from the Festival.
All nominated programs will be mailed an official certificate to the address provided at the time of the submission on the Entry Form.


Participation in the Views of the World Film and Music Festival Competition implies full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this competition.
The Festival is fully responsible for the compilation and clarification of the Terms and Conditions.

2 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Andreas Häberlin

    From a score submission point of view, I can definitely NOT recommend this festival. I can not judge the festival's overall rating or quality (hence a 3 stars), but I would like to share my experience:

    I was approached by a Russian guy on linkedin, suggesting I submit my music to this festival. I spent 50$ to submit 1 composition and was excited when it was admitted. Periodically checking this festival's website and social media, there seemed to be development in progress. From date of submission, festival staff seemed to give me social media acclaim every now and then.

    As soon as the track was accepted, I reached out to the festival to plan my attendance. No response from festival on my multiple emails.

    Next, I tried to find the festival's contact address. I'm afraid to say their website doesn't have one, and the address posted on filmfreeway (19 Middleton Avenue, Montreal, Quebec H9A1T3), that's a residential location.

    Next, I decided to research the venues and accomodation, planning to just travel there and network. The venues were announced about 10 days before the festival dates. For an international attendee, this is too short notice. The festival offered tickets (http://www.viewsoftheworldfestival.com/assister-au-festival-attend-the-fes). Note that the registration form asks for your credit card details, but again does not provide a physical address.

    When the program was released, I found out that no music was programmed for public performances. The submission fee was the same for all categories, 50$. If certain categories don't get the same amount of attention, then what justification is there to charge the same fee?

    I was not notified of award winners, and received no feedback or comments on my work at all.

    ...maybe my case is just an unlucky coincidence. I understand it's your first year of running this festival and it must have taken a lot of commitment.

    I'm asking you though, to reflect on how you've treated my submission. It's fine for me not to be among the winners, but you yet have to convince me that these 50$ and many preparational hours I spent on you were worth a single penny.

    Expecting your statement.

    October 2016
    Logo festival vues du monde haut fr
    Response from festival:

    Dear Andreas
    Your comment surprises me, however let me reiterate our goal of becoming a 1st class int'l Festival devoted to Human Rights. We have definitely taken into account your comments and will make sure that our team for the 2017 Festival makes sure that every aspect of the festival be well coordinated. Numerous changes are in the works and the 2017 edition of the Festival will satisfy and answer all of your comments. Our channels of communications will be optimized and as you so well put it, it was a 1st year and we had a very small, however very committed, team to run the festival. Looking forward to once again to have the pleasure of listening to your music.

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    Nancy Stafford

    it was great film festival

    October 2016
    Logo festival vues du monde haut fr
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Nancy.