VOID is the only animation festival to take place in the Danish capital. We are here, to bring attention to the entire range of unused potential in animation - to 'fill the void' where animation could be so much more than entertainment for children.

We are looking for your animated film if it is pushing technical boundaries, reinventing storytelling - or if it is creating some of those emotions we don't often use animation to create, whether they be breathless awe or visceral disgust.

We are looking for your animated film if it is for grown-ups.

VOID III is taking place in Jan-Feb 2018, and will feature film international guests, seminars, events, awards, and parties. We welcome

As one of the only festivals in Europe, VOID is wholly dedicated to animated films aimed at adult audiences. So please, no children's films.

To us, animation is a truly free art form. The name VOID refers to the blank canvas, the empty space, from which directors and animators create entire worlds of pure imagination. The animated film is freed from the confines of conventional live action film, and at its finest represents the zenith of film as an art form.

The name also refers to the gap in the programming of Danish cinemas. Aside from big budget hits, animated films very rarely get a shot at the big screen in Denmark. We aim to amend this, and screen a variety of films under the circumstances they deserve.

From the smallest art house fare to big budget international productions, VOID aims to bring a world of animated films, and the people that create them, to Copenhagen.

The festival's primary venue will once again be The Cinematheque at The Danish Film Institute in downtown Copenhagen.

Awards & Prizes

Audience Award
Music Video Award

Rules & Terms

- Submission of a film implies that the submitter is the holder of the rights for the film, and that no rights for all or parts of the film are in dispute. Submission also implies that the submitter will be willing to screen the film a maximum of three times during the festival.

- VOID accepts all forms of animation - including works of fiction, music videos and documentary works - but we do not accept films made for children. Projects that feature both animation and live action or other elements are eligible for consideration, as long as the animation carries a substantial weight in either story or style.

- The festival organizers reserve the right to dismiss any film that is deemed as being aimed primarily at a young audience or as not falling under the umbrella of animation. This decision is final and at the discretion of the festival.

- Films must have been completed after January 1st 2015.

- Films must be available for screening in a cinema quality copy no later than January 1st 2017.

- Submissions may be works in progress, as long as a final version will be available for preview no later than December 1st 2016.

- Films must be Copenhagen premieres. Danish premieres prefered.

- Any submission fees are non-refundable.

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    Milan Gessner

    The Void Film Festival is a really nice festival!
    It has a great selection of different animation styles and themes,
    all more or less aimed at a mature audience, which in my opinion
    is often overlooked, when animation is discussed as an artform.
    Also really nice people hosting the festival and the Cinemateket Copenhagen is a great location to show all the animated films.
    I was very humbled to be invited.
    Highly recommended!

    February 2017