The VOB Film Festival takes place Labor Day weekend, August 31st through September 3rd. It is four days of films in exciting and historic venues throughout Putnam County, NY. The festival is now in its sixth year and has attracted films from all over the world. We have premiered over 100 never before seen films in our festival in the past five years. It is a unique experience for audiences, actors, directors and the film industry.

Your film will be shown in some special and historic places. Our festival is a sight seeing tour of beautiful Putnam County and stretches from the Hudson River to the beautiful railroad town of Brewster,NY. Putnam County is a one hour train ride north of NYC. Your film can be shown outdoors on a 30' screen or in a historic church on the Hudson River and anywhere in between. The VOB Film Festival is truly a one of a kind event!

Awards & Prizes

Judges Award

Jury Award

Overall winner of the Jury Award wins a cash prize of $250.

Rules & Terms

You must submit all your own original work. You give the VOB Film Festival the right to market and use your work for a period of two years to promote our Festival. Films must have been created after 1/1/15.

$250 for first prize for Jury Award.

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    Leiqi Lin

    Great festival !! Great people !!!

    October 2016