The epic awards show isn’t the only thing going for the UFAs. It includes unique networking opportunities and special privileges, including the possibility of representation.

Since our inception in 2012, many things have changed for the UFAs, including the films eligible for the award. We’re now open to films regardless of where they’ve been produced.

Now, in preparation for an even more excellent edition of the UFAs, we’ve raised the bar for filmmakers and movie stakeholders by adding to our ever-expanding judging committee:
More distribution companies looking for finished films.
Production companies looking to option scripts.
Casting directors looking to hire actors and
Producers/directors looking to hire crew.

If you’re serious about growing your filmmaking business or furthering your career-path to being a successful, full-time filmmaker, you won’t want to miss the Utah Film Awards.

The awards night itself is a special, two-hour event which will take place at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo, Utah. Submissions for the festival are in full force and will remain open until January 31, 2018.

To participate in the 2018 UFAs, send a copy of your film in right away. Be sure to spread the news by telling your friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues and whoever else you can think of who may benefit from this awesome opportunity.

Some Previous Winners:
Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings Goonies, Rudy)
Lauren Lapkus (Jurassic World, Orange is the New Black, Blended)
Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory)
Doug Jones (Hellboy, The Flash, Arrow)
And the list goes on ….

Awards & Prizes

With a history of excellence in selecting the best films, series and commercials, the UFAs delivers a reputation that will draw attention to your film. Every submission is evaluated by a worldwide panel of industry experts. The winner in each category will receive a beautifully engraved trophy and a news story about their winning entry on the Utah Film Awards website.

Our judges are actively looking to acquire shorts, features and series to broadcast all over the world. Your submission could warrant the biggest prize of all, the deal you broke with one of our distributors if your film is selected.

Rules & Terms

We're always at your disposal. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact our customer service ( You can also call us at +1 (801) 472-7702.

Refund Policy: Because entries will have been processed and entered into the system, NO refunds will be granted.

To be eligible for the 2018 competition, entries must have been completed between January 31, 2016 and the deadline.

Projects from all over the world are eligible. Submissions DO NOT need to be made in Utah to qualify unless you are submitting in the MADE IN UTAH category.

Select the category that most closely relates to your submission's type of program. You may enter the same production or program in multiple categories, including cast and crew categories. There is an entry fee for each category you enter. Individual entries are evaluated for their intrinsic merits – without comparing them with others.

Each entry is, in effect, in competition with itself, and is measured by our international award-winning jury of experts using an industry-accepted standard of excellence. The Utah Film Awards reserves the right to expand and reduce the number of finalist in each category including, but not limited to, cancelling categories if there are no submissions that meet our standards of excellence.

A performer/on-air personality may enter multiple achievements in a performing category if the achievements are for different programs.

Submissions for SCREENPLAY must include a pdf of the screenplay. We accept produced and un-produced screenplays. The work is being judged on the writing rather than the finished film.

The short film category includes one episode of a series.
See Categories listing for definitions and additional explanations.

Award Announcements & Promotion
Finalists will be announced February 28th and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in Utah in April 2018. The Impact Award will be announced at that time.

Press releases will be sent to international wire services and to the trades. A laureate will be sent to winning contacts following the awards presentation. Utah Film Award® winners may refer in advertising and publicity to the fact that they are a Utah Film Award ® winner and, for one year after the award was bestowed, may use a replica of the Utah Film Award ® award or the Utah Film Award ® logo in such advertising. A ® registration mark must accompany the use of the award.

Background Summary (Required)
In order to better assist the jury, we ask for a synopsis of each entry. This should not exceed 200 words and will be seen by the judges to evaluate your submission.
All submissions also are required to submit the following on
Project link
Password (if applicable)
Phone number
One Promotion Graphic (min)
Credits - Specify in the FilmFreeway credits who is being evaluated with their real name (not character name). Example John Doe - Lead Actor, Jane Doe - Composer, Mike Doe - Editor, Awesome Company - Visual Effects. (Key Cast & Crew are not accepted)

Translation (Required if not in English)
Productions not produced in the English language must have either subtitles or overdubbing in English (preferred), or a detailed synopsis and translation of the first and last ten minutes of the entry in English submitted during the online entry process.
The translation must be submitted digitally either in the translation box provided on the online entry form or as a word document or a pdf. We will not accept translations in any other format.

When submitting your credits, be aware that if your entry is a winner, the name of the category, and title of the entry will appear on the award which is given to each winning entry. We also include the year of the competition. Finalists, when notified, will be given the opportunity to update and correct credits. However, if no corrections are made, credits listed during the entry process will be considered the credits of record.

Disposition of Entry / Errors & Omissions
Promotional materials submitted may be displayed or shown, for educational and/or promotional purposes as Workman Productions® deems appropriate. By entering, the entrant agrees to hold Workman Productions ® and any of its affiliated companies exempt from any costs or expenses of any claim arising out of any such use. Workman Productions ® will never sell entries nor make entries available for public viewing.
Workman Productions ® assumes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of those individuals or entities submitting entries pursuant to this notice. All submitting entities and/or individuals are advised to review submissions with respect to correct name credits and other information.

24 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Dylan Brody

    This festival surprised me with the wonderfulness of itself. Intimate, welcoming and wholly approachable I have never been to a festival that felt more accepting, more familial, more approachable than this one.

    Seminars and workshops had the feel of seminars and workshops not sales presentations, not self-important displays of intimidation and puffery. Every person I encountered was committed to the craft of film making and receptive to interaction with new people.

    From absolute beginners (I met a man who learned the term "log line" from someone to whom he pitched and then worked up his log line and returned to submit it in ink on notebook paper) to polished creators of Hollywood-polished indie productions, the festival proved to be a gathering of like-minded creatives learning and teaching and lunching, bonding celebrating the craft as a community.

    I could not be more delighted to have been included, could not have been better rewarded for my attendance.

    April 2017
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    Allison Volk

    This event has been the highlight of our process on the circuit! The people are incredibly welcoming and passionate about film - and the speakers were fantastic. I learned so much, had an incredible opportunity to meet other indie filmmakers, get exposure for my project, and brew up ideas for the next film. Thank you so much, Utah Film Festival! I hope to come back next year!

    April 2017
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    Maritza Brikisak

    A WONDERFUL FESTIVAL! Dora and Warren really love the indie filmmaker and they put a fantastic event full with workshops, seminars and a selective lineup of films. We did not win, so not being biased. Truly thrilled to have been nominated, and to have been part of the 6th Annual Event. Great media push, live interviews, well run Gala event. They made it look effortless!

    April 2017
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    Lori Lyle

    Just returned from the UFA and I can't say enough about how much fun we had and how worthwhile it was to attend!! For one small fee, I was able to network to my heart's content, as well as take classes and attend screenings! And the award ceremony was truly special. Warren and Dora worked very hard, but maintained a cheerful and welcoming attitude ALL weekend. There was plenty of food, comfortable seating and all around good time and lots of networking and film-talk going on! I especially appreciated the "speed networking" event. Might it be possible to have the nominated filmmakers provide links to see their films? It would be fun to see all (or most) of the nominated films. Thank you to Warren and Dora, Oregano and ALL of the volunteers!

    April 2017
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    Jamie Lee Smith

    Fantastic Festival! Phenomenal films, great opportunities for networking and the seminars were very informative and hosted by an all-star line-up of industry professionals including distributors. This truly is a "must" attend festival, especially if you don't know the business side of the industry, distribution or basically "what happens to my film now."
    If there was one thing I think the Utah Film Awards needs, it's an additional day! I would certainly put this festival in the top 10 on film freeway!

    April 2017