We are happy to announce that Entries are open for Twin Lion International Short Film Festival-2017, Karnataka (India). Interested Participants are requested to send Short Films for festival competition and Screening. For details kindly click on “ http://www.twinlionfilms.com/film-submission/ ” Tab. And please don’t forget to read RULES & REGULATIONS. 14th May, 2017 We are going to present more than 100 short films from all over the world in Bangalore.

We are happy to welcome a lot of International film producers and artists in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This program will be accompanied by a whole number of surprises. The festival wants to offer cultural exchange, enabling all participants to deepen their experience of life. Film as a form of art has the power to create a tolerant world - even if initially on screen only: it's a first class medium for transporting unusual perspectives of our view of the world and our actions

Awards & Prizes

Best Director
Best Cinematographer
Best Editing
Best Screen play
Best Short Film (India)
Best Mobile Shoot
Best Documentary
Best Short Film (Aboard)
Best Message Oriented
Best Back Ground Music
Best Dialogues
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Child Artist
Best Silent Film

Rules & Terms



Please down load the application form (PDF) format to participate in (TLISFF) 2017, from the official website. Fill in all the detail’s and submit completed form in all respect at the festival office.

1. Short film entries being submitted should be hand written in CAPS / TYPED format only.
2. Short film duration should not exceed 20 minutes. Inclusive of titles; it is to be submitted in DVD (PAL) format only; DV cam, Mini DV, VHS or CD will not be accepted.
3. Each Short film DVD submitted will consist of ONE film only, with 2 sets of copies from the same film without any MENU or PROMO reels etc.
4. Short film produced on or after January 1, 2016 will only be the eligibility criteria for submission and will be valid as official entry.
5. Brief summary of your short film duly typed on a separate sheet should be sent along with the DVD. (i.e.) Synopsis Film maker biography inclusive of contact information.
6. All Short films submitted other than HINDI language should carry ENGLISH subtitles, further accomplished in all respects.
7. Short film copy submitted to this festival will be the sole property of(TLISFF) and is not returnable in any manner what so ever.
8. Short film maker or his /her spokesperson, should be present during the screening of his/her film.
9. Any or all expenses, i.e. travelling, boarding & lodging will be exclusively borne by the participant attending this festival.
10. Short film competitors participating in this festival, should be legally competent enough to show case their film for this festival.
11. Any or all production stills should be in JPEG/GIF or PNG format with higher resolution of 300 DPI, film poster can either be in PORTAIT or LANDSCAPE in A-4 size or multiple thereof in the said format only for press.
12. Unlimited short film entry is acceptable, cover charges for submission of films to this festival is as under: –
• Indian films 350/- INR per entry before due date.
• Indian films 500/- INR per entry after due date.
• Foreign films USD $10 per entry before due date.
• Foreign films USD $15 per entry after due date.
Mode of Payment: PayPal | Credit card | Withoutbox | Paytm
13. Short film submission will be preferred in full HD 1080P and 16:9 ratio only.
14. Any request to screen short film, more than once; will be considered as INVALID for competition.
15. Short film screening scheduled once, cannot be re-scheduled for any reason/s; what so ever. Further any request, influence or force to change the same will automatically disqualify the participant from (TLISFF).
16. Participating film producer, submitting his/her film to (TLISFF); agreeing to the above conditions has to fill in the entry form in all respect; bearing the Company seal and authorized person signature therein. It is to be submitted to the (TLISFF) Fest Director or can be sent via email.
17. (TLISFF) its officer or office for that matter should not be influenced in any manner i.e.(to get in to final listing or sourcing for award), this will disqualify the participant directly and no further information in regards to the same will be made to the PRODUCER/DIRECTOR or its team members whatsoever.
18. Any or all short film submitted for (TLISFF) will *exclude the following or if found out at later stage will automatically stand disqualified from the festival as under:
19. Any or All rights are exclusively reserved with (TLISFF) screening department.
20. Any or all cover charges for (TLISFF) is “NON-REFUNDABLE”, inclusive of rejected film DVD.
21. Any or all cases (TLISFF), jury’s decision will be final binding on to all the participants.
22. Any or all cases, address for communication with email id and mobile number is mandatory; if found incomplete in any manner the said participant to the (TLISFF) will be deemed disqualified.
• PayPal Transaction ID:
• Withoutbox Transaction ID
• Paytm Transaction ID:
• Demand Draft in favor of “TWIN LION FILMS” to be sent at below address: