Shortcutz Amsterdam provides a platform for emerging talent to showcase their work, engage with their audience, and connect with the established professionals of the industry. Every week, we screen two short films by up-and-coming directors and the work of an established Dutch director, actor or producer. At the end of each screening, the filmmakers engage in a discussion with the audience.

The sessions take place every Tuesday, between 20:00 and 22:30 in de Kring (Leidseplein). The sessions are open and free. All the movies are subtitled in English and the Q&As are in English too in order to connect the city’s international community with Dutch cinema.

Our sessions will only pause in July and August, to let you enjoy your Summer holidays.

Awards & Prizes

### JURY TEAM ###
actor Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner); producer Jan Harlan (The Shinning), actor Tygo Gernandt (Van God Los); director Roel Reiné (Michiel de Ruyter); actress Ariane Schluter (Lucia de B); director Eddy Terstall (Simon); producer Jeroen Koolbergen (Tirza), producer Jan Doense (de Poel) aka Mr. Horror, actor Vincent van Ommen (Amsterdam Heavy), documentary producer Harmen Jalvingh (Becoming Zlatan), Nederlands Film Festival programmer Claire van Daal, EYE senior programmer and head of acquisitions René Wolf, and street-artist Laser 3.14.

Every year we select the Best Film of the competition at Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards, where we award the winner with €10.000 towards the production of a new short film. Next edition will be on January, 2017. The winners of nine other film-related categories are also announced by top names of the film industry. Check out the videos from the previous editions:

Rules & Terms

Please read carefully before submit your movie: We just accept films related with the Netherlands (crew OR cast OR story) // the Q&A is mandatory with at least 1 member of the crew or cast // it must directed by an up-and-coming filmmaker (before the first feature film) // must have less than 12 months produced // and less than 15 minutes in length // please mention how your film is related with the Netherlands in your submissions if you are submitting from other country, otherwise we cannot accept you in competition.

Any filmmaker can send films, as long as they are:
– less than 12 months to the date of submission,
– less than 15 minutes in length,
– related with the Netherlands (crew OR cast OR story)
your film must be subtitled in English (if it's in other language than English)

Submission fee is not reimbursable.

8 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Harvey Kadijk

    It's a fantastic film festival, keep up the good work.

    July 2017
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    Justin Krul

    Wonderful festival that really supports and celebrates film making. This festival should be one of top on your list when you are submitting for short film festivals.

    June 2017
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    Omar El Araby

    Great festival with weekly screenings which culminates in an over the top annual award ceremony with super special guests. Great job!!!

    February 2017
  • false
    Diëgo Nurse

    A great venue, nice festivals to meet new people.
    Great host.
    I am a fan :)

    December 2016
  • false
    Jan van Gorkum

    Great festival that runs the entire year. An excellent place to have your short film shown and where you get the chance to talk about your film.

    November 2016