The 12th Great Movie Idea and 10th Great TV Show Idea contests are searching for original, innovative material. Ideally, groundbreaking film and TV concepts that are both marketable and fresh--something a global, diverse audience can connect with.

Accepted entries include loglines, synopses, video pitches, or full treatments. Completed screenplays are not reviewed, nor are entrants required to have a completed script. You only need one spectacular idea. Any market, studio or indie.

Since 2000, Script Pipeline has established relationships with hundreds of production companies, managers, and agents, resulting in $6 million in specs sold from previously undiscovered writers. The Great Idea Competitions look to not only increase that total, but help visionary creatives get on the right track toward exposing their stories to the world.

Previous winners have found representation with major producers, had their pitches developed into scripts with the guidance of Script Pipeline execs, and circulated to leading networks and studios.

Awards & Prizes

- $1,000

- Consultation sessions with Script Pipeline executives to prepare your pitch for circulation

- Assistance in getting a completed screenplay circulation-ready (depending on the writer’s experience level)

- Exposure to producers for potential development

- Review of additional pitches and material

Rules & Terms

- It is advised that you register your concept with the WGA prior to submitting, however it is not required. Script Pipeline will NOT share your idea with anyone unless you are chosen as a winner AND give us explicit permission to do so.

- Adaptations from your own published or produced work (e.g. a graphic novel) are accepted, as well as anything in the public domain, or if an idea is "inspired" by true events you do not retain the rights to.

- Writing teams may submit

- International writers are welcome

- You do NOT need the completed script if you win. Only the pitch.

- Previous Script Pipeline writers (Workshop, contest winners, etc.) are welcome to submit. If you entered the contest before, you may enter the same or a different idea as well.